Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Day of School for my Babies!!!

Well after being a new mom again for only 1 month (our adoption on Amber & Libby was final on August 21, 2008~~ coincidentally it was also our 21st anniversary) and my babies are off to the first day of school so I have nobody home in the daytime anymore~~ except the puppies, yeah quiet days off!!
The girls both love school and I can't believe my 5 year old is reading and my 3 year old is learning to use the computer. We got Amber a little laptop for Christmas last year that teaches them numbers and letters through games and they have both loved it, but now Libby knows that it isn't a "real computer" because it doesn't go to the internet. When I was 3 I don't think I even knew much more about electronics than how to turn the TV on (yeah we had TV's when I was 3).
Amber has homework every night~~ another thing I know I didn't have in kindergarten. I am pretty sure my older kids didn't have homework until much later too, but I guess they are starting everything early now days. Then people wonder why our kids grow up so fast~~hmmm bet we can all figure that one out.
Libby is all excited because her Chihuahua Sissy is going to have puppies again pretty soon. She is going to help me make her a "bed" again for her and the puppies. Hopefully this time she will remember not to steal the puppies, put them in her purse, play with them or shut them in her drawer~~ man we are lucky she didn't kill any of the last ones loving them so much.
So Ashley & Jacki decided to do Amber's hair, in not the "usual style", what do ya think??
Here are a couple of pictures of the girls going to their first days.