Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~~Happy 101~~

Tara from If Mom Says OK, had this great meme on her blog and after seeing it on several other blogs, I totally stole it to see if it could help me out of this winter funk I have been in. Don't know if it will be a long term thing, but it did make me smile a bit while I was doing it.
This is my short list of what makes me happy.


~ my family, friends and furbabies, and the fun we can have doing anything or nothing at all.
~ my laptop and all my cyber friends and family who live inside it. You all help me stay grounded or at least make the journey into madness an enjoyable experience.
~ my camera, my new best friend at times. It helps me get all those special memories recorded so I will never forget them and can pass them on. Without it my "part timers" would get the better of me.
~ a good book and the time to truly enjoy it.
~ that I grew up in a great, fun loving and close knit family that will do anything for anyone and are always there when I ask for help, or even sometimes when I don't- they just seem to know when I need them.
~ sunsets and feeling the warm sun on my face.
~ my wonderful home filled with laughter and playful little girls and boys that keep me on my toes and young at heart.
~ baking and cooking with my little girls and seeing how much they enjoy learning and helping.
~ listening to my little ones read to me. They are just learning and I think they are the smartest kids on the planet (I may be a little biased)
~ my wonderful husband who has always had my back. He works so hard and bends over backwards to make sure I am happy and taken care of.
~ hugs! From my husband or even a close friend, but mostly from my babies. I have not always liked being hugged, but I have found it gives me a nice warm feeling to have those tiny arms around my neck and a little voice saying "I love you"~ nothing better in the world.

Now you write up your own list of ten and share this meme with your family and friends. It's nice to think of things that make you happy and have your day go better because of it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

~~Presents For Purpose Review & Giveaway~~

Super Gift Ideas!!!!! Can I just say I LOVE Presents for Purpose!! They carry hundreds of items and each and every one benefits one cause or another. Just think, I can buy myself something I want and still be giving to the charities I believe in. How could I ask for more??
Now while they carry tons of different items that are all equally as great and for wonderful causes, I am going to focus this review on their bracelets because they are simply beautiful!!
Take a look at a sampling of what they have:
Taylor Wildflower Bracelet

Wear The Cure Bracelet

Sterling Silver Name Bracelet

Believe Bracelet

Autism Awareness Bracelet

AIDS Awareness Bracelet

And my favorite, the Taylor Jewel Bracelet. It helps out the fight to end childhood cancers and you should all know what that means to me!!!

Here is the description of this wonderful bracelet from the Presents for Purpose site:
This is the dream of an amazing young girl named Taylor Matthews and the mission of tay-bandz, the organization she created to raise public awareness about childhood cancers and to fund research that may one day create a cure. Taylor lost her battle to cancer in February 2008, but her fight and her dream live on. $10 from each Taylor Charm bracelet will benefit tay-Bandz.
Our TAYLOR charm bracelet begins with sterling silver interlinking hearts, swarovski crystals and beautiful murano millefiori (1000 Flowers) heart pendants. Interspersed silver message pendants of "Live, Love, Laugh, Dream, and Hope" were handpicked by Taylor for inspiration. Finished with a heart lobster clasp, our Taylor bracelet is available in 2 sizes for children and adults alike."

Stunning, affordable and helps a good cause. Sounds perfect doesn't it? I thought so. You can check out more of their bracelets here , their other jewelry here, and all their other cool stuff here.Leslie at Presents for Purpose has generously offered to give one of my readers this beautiful bracelet. All you have to do to enter is go to the Presents for Purpose site, look around and come back here to tell me something about them that I haven't mentioned here.

Extra entries as always:

* Follow my blog

*Grab my button

*Blog about this contest linking back to me

*Follow Presents for Purpose on Facebook and let me know you friended them.

Contest ends 12/28/2009 @ 11:59 PM

~~Letter to me--Wii Fit contest~~

My dear bloggy friend over at Chocolate Covered Daydreams has challenged her readers to write a letter for a Wii Fit giveaway. Go on over and enter yourself, but remember I REALLY want to win so don't make your letter all that good!!
I wrote one a few months ago so I am going to cheat a little and use most of it because I can’t think of anything better or more honest to write.
You can see the original here.
Or here is the very slightly edited new version.

If I could write a letter to me....
Lately on several of the blogs I read the post has been about going back in your past, knowing what you know now and what you would change. Not that it will really be interesting to anyone but me, but I am going to write the "letter to me" anyway.
In the Kenny Chesney song "Letter to Me" he talks about stopping at stop signs, hugging an aunt and thanking a teacher for helping him. All good and well, but if I had a chance to go back in time, or to warn myself in a letter of what was going to happen somehow, it would go a little like this.

Yo Trina,STOP!!!!

Whatever it is your doing just stop and take a look around! You really don't have to do EVERYTHING you think of or that your friends want you to do, slow down, enjoy yourself and take time to have more fun your life. Don't rush to grow up because as much as you want it at 15, you really wish to have that time back at 30 or45 or even after that. Being a kid is great!

Continue on being a caring and giving person, but think about what you want once in a while too. People will be happy with whatever you do so don't try so hard to please everyone at your expense. Spend more time with your kids playing and being silly, they grow up so fast and you are going to regret that you didn't give them more time while you are working for the all mighty dollar. They love you the same if you are at a park having a picnic or if you are spending your rent money at Chuckie Cheese. They just want to be with you having a good time.
Love deeply, play hard, give unselfishly, and live for the chaotic times because they will always make you smile in the end. Spend more time with your family. Your Momma and Daddy are going to die way before you are ready for them to, so never turn down an invitation to spend time with either of them, no matter what they want to do or how busy you think you are. Do your best to never let them down, but know they love you unconditionally even if you do. Give more of yourself and don't ever feel like you are burdened with requests made by your Grandparents, they also leave you before you are ready to let them go. They may be old and repeat things a lot, but they aren't doing it to annoy you. Answer their questions over and over and know that they are appreciating your patience with them.

Don't question your faith when hard things happen. Know that God has a plan for all of us and even though it isn't fair in your mind that your child or grandchildren return to Heaven before you, accept it and revel in the thoughts that you will see them again. Don't blame God for your pain, love him for making you the person you are through the things that happen in your life.Be strong, be patient, be loving and most of all, be true to yourself. Sometimes being totally honest with yourself may be so hard, but do it all the time and you will grow to have it be a habit and you will be so much happier.
Don't ever be sorry for something you did if you thought it was right at the time, but be open to other's feelings and apologize when you need to. But also don't be too stubborn or proud to admit when you are wrong. It will make you a better person and you will always be able to look a person in the eye, knowing you are a strong, proud, honest woman who truly cares for those around her. Live right, always give a little more than you think you can, never turn away someone in need, you never know who God is sending into your path to test you, and it shouldn't matter because you should treat everyone with the up most respect no matter their social or financial status.

Stand up for the under dog, for what you believe is right even if it is not the consensus of the majority of the people around you. Make everyone feel special that you come in contact with because they are the same child of God that you are. Don't make anyone the butt of a joke that you can't put yourself into because all hearts can hurt even if they act tough. Love people even when it feels they are not loving you back, just because you know it is the right thing to do!
Exercise more than you want to because that tiny, perfect little body you have now will revolt against you if you don’t take care of it. Remember it is a gift so treat it as you would your most precious treasures.

Have an open mind and heart and don't ever forget that the more you give, the more you will have to give. Love and understanding is never ending so give it like there is no tomorrow because you just never know when there wont be............

~~U*neaks Shoe Review & Giveaway~

Super Gift Ideas!!!!!

If you have read here long at all you should know I have a thing with shoes. I have done several reviews for baby shoes by different companies and absolutely love most of them. But this time the shoes are or the girls and I cannot even tell you how much they love them.
Jeff over at U*neaks sent me this pair of shoes and several pair of socks and I can honestly say they are some of the cutest shoes I have ever seen for kids. They are well made with quality materials. In fact the only thing bad I can say about them is that both girls love them so much I am going to have to buy another pair so they will quit fighting over them and I guess that really isn't bad for anything but my checkbook. Even then it isn't so bad because they are very affordable and they offer free shipping on orders over $20.

So let me tell you about U*neaks shoes. They have clear side panels and the socks they sell have different designs on them so each set is like having a whole new pair of shoes. Check out some of the shoe styles.

And they have super cute socks for boys and girls and several Madagascar designs that would work for either one. They come in crew and short options and are really soft and nice, not thin and cheap. Check them out.

And because of the generousity of Jeff at U*neaks I am offering a pair of shoes and 2 pair of socks to one of my readers. All you need to do to enter is go to the U*neaks site and come back here and tell me what you would like.
Extra entries for:
*Following my blog
*Grabbing my button
*Going to visit the U*neaks site and coming back here to tell me something you love there
*Becoming a Facebook friend to U*neaks here
*Blogging about this giveaway mentioning U*neaks and linking back here.
This one will be sure to be a favorite of any kid so make sure you have your chances in!!
Contest ends 12/27/09 @ 11:59PM

~~Gummy Lump Toys Review & Giveaway~~

Super Gift Ideas!!!!!

I love a great deal and if you have been reading here long you know I hardly ever buy anything that isn't on sale or a awesome deal. So looking for toys for the kids is always a challenge because they can be so expensive. But recently I found an internet toy store called Gummy Lump Toys and I was super excited becaue they have literally hundreds of great toys at affordable prices.

They carry things across the board from infant toys to special needs toys, to educational things on every level. They also have things in every price range- very reasonalbe if you ask me and remember I am cheap!!

They sent me this wooden peg puzzle to review. It is quite thick and easy for little hands to manuver the pieces. Defineitely not cheap cardboard, this thing is made to last!

Sorry, I couldn't seem to get a picture in focus, go figure.

Anyway, I opened it up and gave it to Zeke to see what he thought.

He loved it! Look at that smile. He was so excited when he got the piece in the place it went.

After he got done playing with it the girls took a turn. And it hasn't been back in his toy basket since. I asked Amber why she was playing with baby toys and her answer was "It might be made for babies, but it is fun for a 7 year old too". It must be because she plays with it for hours interchanging the animal parts.

So there ya go, toys that are fun for all ages. Seriously go over here and check them out. I know you will find something you want.

Now for the fun part. The great folks at Gummy Lump have offered to give one of my readers the same puzzle. So if you want something that can entertin your kids for hours, let me know you want to win. To enter just go over to the Gummy Lump site and take a look around. Come back here and tell me something they have that you would like. Easy as that.

Want extra entries? You can follow me, grab my button, sign up for the Gummy Lump news letter or buy something from Gummy Lump Toys before the end of this contest.

Contest ends 12/20/09 @ 11:59 PM

Saturday, December 12, 2009

~~Happy Birthday Elizabeth~~

Happy birthday Miss Elizabeth, Libby, Liz, Lizzy, Starr, Lulu, Monkey-- any of the funny little names you have been given. You are 5 years old going on 14. You are so funny and have the best personality I think I have ever seen in a little girl. You say the funniest things without even realizing it most of the time. You are always the one to lighten to mood, make everyone smile and make me have a good day- except that your feelings are so tender that you cry if we laugh after you say something. We try and try to explain to you that we are laughing at the funny things you say and not laughing AT you, but you just don't understand yet. Someday you will and I hope you keep that silly sense of humor and "class clown" type personality forever. You may get yourself in trouble a time or two, but I will always stand behind you and encourage you to let yourself shine for who you are. Just try to give the teachers and daddy a break once in a while OK??
You are the most stubborn and naughty little thing at times and then you can turn around and be a sweet angel that can melt me with her smile. I love both those sides of you as I am sure I will love anything you become.

You love being a girl and everything that goes along with it, but I have to say I am more than a little worried about all the crushes you have on the little boys at school already. I guess I can find comfort knowing you will be raised the same as your new big sisters and they turned out OK so I am sure you will too! You are shy yet love to sing and dance for anyone who will watch, you love make-up and girly stuff already and you don't mind getting down and dirty with the boys fishing and playing in the dirt. Pretty much well rounded if you ask me.
You are beautiful and have been so happy that your hair has finally "reached your butt". Beautiful, thick and blond, but I do wish you would quit cutting your bangs!!
You are smart as all get out and I see how much you enjoy doing the same homework that Amber is doing. I hope you don't get bored in first grade because you will have already done all the work. You amaze me with something everyday, sometimes things you say, sometimes with things you know or want to learn. You are wise beyond your years baby and bring joy to our home in each and everything you do.

Although I would love a dozen more, you will always be my baby. You hate being babied, but get used to it because you are here to stay!
I love you will all my heart and although you didn't grow in my belly, you have taken a firm hold on my heart and my total being. I love you Libby Lu and wish for you a wonderful coming year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~~Happy Birthday Little Man~~

ONE YEAR!!!! I can't hardly believe you are a year old. Such a sweet little boy and yet you have such a devilish streak in you!
You came into this world at the perfect time to help your mommy and daddy's hearts heal. I know you met your sister before we met you and I am sure she told you all about us because since day one you have seemed to know how each of us works and you have us all wrapped around your little finger!
You are growing so fast! Already in 18 month size clothes and you have been walking for over a month. Daddy wont like this, but I think you are a really pretty boy! ALL boy though. You have eyes that will make girls fall in love with you at first site and a smile that can melt the coldest heart! I feel sorry for the girls later in life because that smile gets you whatever you want!
I call you Little D (for demon) but you know I think you are an angel and love you more than I can say. Your Grampa's little buddy and we think it is funny that you love to watch Nascar and hunting shows. You wont remember it, but when you watch TV with Grampa and a commercial comes on you hit him on the chest and point at the TV until he changes the channel to something you want to see, then you smile and pat him and settle back in the crook of his arm. You pull the funniest faces and if people laugh at you you will go on for hours. Your a ham already and you are just getting started.
So laugh little guy, play and have a great birthday and know that Gramma loves you forever and ever and can't wait to see what you become!!