Saturday, October 31, 2009

~~My Little Monsters~~

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~~Happy Birthday Amberly!~~

Well Princess, you made it to 7 despite me doubting either of us would make it this far. From your tiny little bird beak nose to your crooked funny little toe, I love you more than I could ever tell you.

March of 2005 when you came to live with us you were a very tiny and scared little girl with a shell around her for protection. Do you remember standing in my room at night and waking me up just to make sure I wasn't going to leave you alone? You were so afraid you would wake up and be alone in the house with Libby that you hardly ever slept. I guess we are through with that now because I can't get you up most mornings and you no longer hide behind that shell because you know we are here to protect you and make sure you are never hurt again.

You also only ate cereal, crackers, mac & cheese and candy because that is what you were told that kids eat. It has been a long road, but I am so proud of you for trying new things and you even eat vegetables! That is awesome for this family.
You are still learning that you don't have to be the momma to Libby that you were before and I know it is hard for you to give some of that control up, but you are doing so well and you are a great big sister!

You know things that most 7 year old don't ever need to know, but instead of letting that hurt you, you strive each day to be better in everything you do. You are a super kid and I love being around you.
1 year and 67 days ago you became my forever daughter and I cannot imagine my life without you and your beautiful smile in it. Your beautiful and talented in so many different things and I am so glad you get the chance to shine in all of them.
So keep writing songs, playing ball and reaching for the stars because you can achieve anything you want to. You are smart, funny, caring and just that little bit of tom boy in you that makes you who you are.

We love you tons and hope you have a wonderful 7 year old year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~~Birthday Boobs~~

So if you have been reading here long (or at least my last post) you know I had a daughter with a birthday this month. I also have another one who will turn 7 next week so we were sitting around talking about what she really wants. She is insisting that she wants a cell phone. My older kids didn't get one until they were about 14 or 15 so I really think 7 is a little young, but it is in discussions~~let you all know next week.
But I digress.
When we were talking about good presents my daughter Raven(26) thought she was being funny and told Amber to ask to "get her boobs done", to which Amber gave her a dirty look and told her "No way!"~ that's my girl.
BUT, Libby jumped in with the fact that her birthday is coming up in December and she would like to get her boobs done. Uh......Probably not!! I think the DIVA gene has hit her hard~~ Good Lord what have I got in store for me???

~Tatutina Wooden Letters Review~

Super Christmas Ideas!!!!!!
Started in Attleboro, Massachusetts by a mother-daughter team that designs functional, fun, unique and quality products that reflect a happy and fun lifestyle. Everything created in the Tatutina collections is inspired by their family, homes and art.

Kid's Step Stools, Take Out Menu Boxes, Recipe Boxes, Storage & Keepsake, Baby Gift Collection, Wooden Letters (boy & girl styles), Peg Boards, Book Ends, Art Caddy & Supply Storage, Totes.....I could go on and on. The Tatutina Company has it all. Their advertising says they carry "happy painted gifts for a happy lifestyle" and let me tell you they are right on the money! I do a lot of craft stuff so I don't usually shop for or buy painted wood items, but these are very nice quality items and priced so that there is something for everyone and every budget. Check out some of my favorites:

When they offered to send me a sample and let me do a review I was excited to see what they had. I got this in the mail.

It is really hard to tell with these pictures, but the quality is excellent. Nice wood, not flimsy or wimpy, but not so heavy that they would hurt someone if they fell on them, but they have great hanging spots in the back so that they wont fall. They come with cute painting- different on every letter. I got the boy style, but they have really cute girl styles too. Check them out here
Tatutina is a great company that has beautiful, fun products made of durable wood, painted with non-toxic paints and delivered right to your door fully assembled and ready to use!
They also carry hand knit sweaters and some really cute clothes for your little one. Again here are a few of my favorites:

So go on over to Tatutina's website and check out their awesome products.
All Tatutina products are designed and made to exceed or meet the standards of the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials). All paints and sealers are certified non-toxic and lead free. So you have nothing to worry about in case your kids get something in their mouths, like most babies do! Awesome products, easy shipping & delivery options, great prices~~who could ask for more?? Seriously, go check them out! Christmas is just around the corner and they have something for all the little people in your life!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~~Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl~~

October 13, 1985 was a Sunday. I had a scheduled C-section for the following Wednesday, but Jaycee showed her impatience and kicked enough to get my labor going early. It was a hint of things to come. At 13:13 on that 13th of October the child I thought would forever be my youngest child was born. She weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and then to top it off we were put into room 13 on the Maternity floor. People teased me that saying that it was a bad omen with all the 13's. Not so!! This child has been a joy from the beginning and 13 has become one of my favorite numbers.

She was born with hardly any hair, but what she did have was dark. My first 2 had white blond hair. She had an olive complexion that I can only guess where it came from because I am so white I could scare a ghost. She also had the brightest blue eyes and loooong eyelashes.

When her hair started coming in it was so curly that with her dark skin people thought she was a mixed race baby. We fought for years over that hair, she hated getting it combed because it was so curly and snarled so easily. I on the other hand, wanted it to be long and beautiful. Eventually I won the argument and she still has very long, very curly beautiful hair.

She was and is a daddy's girl, actually she was his little hunting partner, riding buddy and fishing pal until she woke up one day with boobs and realized she is a girl. And although that was a sad day for him, I was so proud of the way she was growing up into a beautiful young woman.
She was always the peace maker between her brother and sister. Hated when anyone was upset and would do anything to make them smile again. She was always a little show off and liked to sing and dance for anyone who was willing to watch. She is also the most stubborn, opinionated child I ever knew and at times we had a war of the wills and more often than not she is the one who stuck to her guns the longest. Even when she got her way though, she could make me feel like it was all my idea and I had gotten my way. Crafty little thing that she was~LOL. She also taught me that even when I am a screaming wreck that cannot quite get out what I am trying to say, I am teaching her to be a good person, a lovely young lady as she can still find good in the situation and tells me often. She loves unconditionally, lives life in a whirlwind and laughs at the hurdles thrown at her, chosing to jump right over them and have a positive attitude and a happy day!

During her school years she was the girl who everyone liked. She was friends with everyone from her fellow cheerleaders to the handicapped kids she tutored. Never afraid to stand up for the underdog or invite a not so "in crowd" girl to join the party and make them feel welcome. She is not someone who judges nor ridicules others and she has got a sense of humor that doesn't stop, but never uses it to poke fun of anyone or hurt anyone's feelings~~ well maybe with the exception of her siblings.
She is always the life of the party and still to this day makes sure everyone is included and happy before she starts having a good time.

She was married to her best friend a few years ago and she makes the cutest little wife and I can't wait until she is a mommy. She is never too busy to call just to say "I love you" and she never forgets a birthday or special occasion. She was a super sweet little girl and she is becoming a very beautiful woman. Happy birthday Jaycee. I love you and I am so proud of what a wonderful person you are!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

~~I Feel Really Old~~

My brother-in-law and his cute little wife had a baby last week. Cute as a bug with a ton of hair. On the same day my niece got married. Neither one is considered too young to be doing those things, but they both made me really feel my age.
When I married my husband his brother was 4. He grew up with my kids in between the two oldest and it seems really strange to think that he is old enough to be a daddy.
My niece made a beautiful bride, but I couldn't help but to keep thinking back to when I first held her in the hospital~ it seemed like yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy for the new parents and the newlyweds, but I have traveled a long way~ and some of those roads where not paved so well. I don't like feeling this old. My motto has always been "I may get older, but I will never grow up". Back when Betsy Ross and I went to school it sounded like the way to go but lately I sit around and think how nice it is that wrinkles aren't painful because if they were I would be in a world of hurt there would be no way out of.
My 6 year old tells me I have silver hair and saggy arms~ yea that makes me happy.
She doesn't have to tell me that my boobs, butt and double chins are sagging too, I see it in the mirror every day.
I have decided that eventually everyone will reach a point when they stop lying about their age and start bragging about it. I am not really so sure that includes me though because I don't ever want to get old. Unfortunately life is not cooperating with my plans. So while some people try to turn back their odometers, I want people to know "why" I look this way. I have children~~ that should explain it right there, but there is more.
First I started having babies at 15, not old enough to drive, far from being legal to buy a drink but the hospital handed that baby over without blinking an eye. That child, God love him, has single handedly given me more than a handful of those silver hairs.
I was married and divorced by 21 and I worked hard to take care of my 3 kids, I am not complaining about it, just stating it to make the point that I had more important things to take care of than my makeup and hair like before.
I got married again and went through several years of fertility treatments to try and have another baby and those of you who have done this know what it does to you. It sucks the life right out of you!
Several years ago, in a matter of 5 years, I had cancer, broke my back and had surgery for an obstructed bowel. This pretty much put my exercise and activity at a stand still and the weight started sticking around. I have tried several times and have actually even lost a lost of weight, but it seems to creep right back on. I don't know about you, but I think the older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat have gotten to be really good friends. Mine are BFF's!!
I watched my granddaughter suffer for 3 months and then die of the cancer she was born with and that alone aged me about 40 years. I wouldn't trade one minute of being with her since that is the only time we had with her, but again, it aged me quick.
Life is hard and I know everyone has issues to deal with, but I swore I wouldn't be an old lady at a young age. I wanted to be young forever and look what the hell happened. I am in fact, a young woman trapped in a crotchety old lady's body and it just isn't what I signed on for.
OK I am done complaining, but I would like to know does anyone know a good plastic surgeon that wants to make me young again and will take weekly payments of $1 for life????
Yea, I didn't think so.