Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beibi Shoes review & giveaway

A few months ago I did a review and giveaway for Wee Squeak shoes for kids here. We absolutely love these shoes so when Cara contacted me and asked me to show all you wonderful readers their new line of shoes~ The Beibi Line~~ I jumped at the chance.
This line of shoes is just as great as the Line, but don't have the squeakers in them. Same cute choices, same great quality, same great prices. They come in sizes 0-24 month in lots of really cute styles, some could be for either boys or girls so if you need a shower present and are not sure of the gender of the baby you can still get some. I don't know of any mother who would not love to put their baby in these shoes.

Info from the Wee Squeak site: As parents of infants and toddlers, our inspiration for WeeSqueak shoes was watching our children in these shoes. We discovered these little gems while in China adopting our oldest daughter, Chloe. However, during the adopting of our youngest daughter, Ellie, we had the idea to bring some shoes back for our friend's children. Our company, WeeSqueak, was born! We are fun parents, with fun shoes for fun kids! Wee Squeak donates 5% of our profits (up to $1,000 contribution per charity per year) to Half the Sky and to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

We chose this pair for Zeke to give the kid test to.
They are the Crawford style and we got blue:

They are super cute, well made and durable shoes. I recommend the
Wee Squeak Shoe company and their new Beibi line for little ones, size 0-24 month, to anyone who wants their child to be dressed stylish and yet affordable so your bank account doesn't suffer getting them that way.

Check out a few of the other new styles:

Isn't that little heart buckle to die for??
Now I know that you all want to get a pair of these and I am here for ya!!

Cara at Beibi Shoes has offered to give one of my readers a pair of their choice from the Beibi line. So go over to the Beibi site and take a look around. Come back here and let me know what ones you would chosse. That gets you one entry and if you want more chances follow the rules below.

1 Follow me
2 Grab my button for your blog and let me know where
3 Comment on a non giveaway post and leave a note stating which one
4 For 2 entries post about this giveaway and link back to me

Contest ends September 15 @ 11:59 pm

~~Eyes Cream Shades Sunglasses Review & Giveaway~~

I LOVE babies and toddlers in sunglasses. Are they not just the cutest???? What do you think?
Now let me challenge you to ask yourself these questions:
Do you let your kids ride a bike or skateboard without a helmet?
Would you send your child out to play without sun screen?
Do you allow them to play sports without the appropriate protective products?
I am hearing a bunch of "No's" right?!?!?
Then why would you let them go out in the sun's ultraviolet rays without some protection for their eyes? The sun's rays contribute to a whole slew of eye problems that I could never begin to pronounce like Photokeratitis, Cataracts, Muscular Degeneration, Pterygium and the one everyone knows the ever present Skin Cancer.

All Eyes Cream Shades have lenses that block those harmful UV rays and prevent eye damage. Besides that they are super cute with styles (or "flavors") and sizes for all kids- infant to age 12, even little tiny ones for babies so you can get your kids used to wearing them right from the beginning. And with each pair you buy, you get a free case for storing them while not in use. That is a huge selling point for me because it seems that all the glasses I buy end up either on the floor or sliding around the glove box and scratched all to &%*%..... you know what I mean!! Eyes Cream Shades frames are made from a super strong and durable polycarbonate material so they last.

Check out some of the "flavors" they come in:
Strawberry Ice

Thin Mint

Cotton Candy Bling

Ocean Ice

Pink Licorice

Faith at Eyes Cream Shades sent me a great pair of the Grape Ice (pictured at the top of this post) for toddlers and I am going to pass them along to one of you. So if you would like to win this great pair of shades for your child leave me a message telling me why you think it is important to have your kids wear eye protection.

Extra entries? Yep yep!!!
1. Go on over t0 the Eyes Cream Shades site and tell me what style you like the best.
2. Grab my button and tell me where you have it on your blog.
3. Follow me.
4. for 2 entries blog about this giveaway and link back to me.
Contest ends 9/15/09 at 11:59 pm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have been kidnapped.....
I am being held hostage......
By some really mean girls and a few farmers......
My husband is planning an intervention for this weekend.....

So hopefully by next week I will be back with a ton of giveaways and some new things to tell you about the horrible week I spent kidnapped.

**Stop by Monday for some really great reviews and giveaway items!!!!!**

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Small Talk Six 8/22

The ladies of Momdot are at it again with a new weekly meme called Small Talk Six. Every Saturday a new topic is announced and you respond to each topic with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 photos, or 6 paragraphs, whatever your heart desires. You can check out the Small Talk Six announcement to see all of the pre-scheduled topics for 2009. Don’t forget to stop by and see this weeks responses at MomDot and link up your own.

Todays topic is 6 things you’ll miss (or won’t miss) about summer.

1. I won't miss getting to sleep in on Fridays. Now I have to get up and get Amber ready and off to school.

2. I won't miss this hot dry desert air. Days on end over 100 really get on my nerves. It is too hot to be outside and the central air can't keep up in the house.

3. I will miss having the pool to relax in after work (on days it isn't too hot to be out there).

4. I will miss being able to stay up all night blogging or playing games on facebook. Have to get the girls back on a schedule that doesn't included all nighters and if I am up, they try to stay up.

5. I will miss camping, barbecuing and hanging out with my family and friends. We do some in the winter, but without being able to hang out in the yard it is less comfortable and convenient to have a lot of people over.

6. I will miss all the different celebrations. July 4th and all the fun town celebrations. We seem to be able to hit a parade, carnival or fair from the end of May to the first of September at least a couple times a month.

Kind of a boring list for me this week, but that is pretty much my life, boring and generic as can be!

Friday, August 21, 2009

~~Born To Love Review~~

OK so winter is on its way. Time to start looking for the cutest outerwear for my kids. I love babies in cute little hats and since Zeke loves his Yankees ball cap I am sure he is going to love this hat too!
The online store of BornToLove has the absolutely cutest hats for babies and toddlers. Felicia at Born To Love sent me this cute hat for review and I honestly can't wait to see our little guy wearing it.

These hats are very nicely made with high quality materials. It is thick enough to be warm and cozy even on the worst of winter days, but light weight enough that kids will leave it on. The cute little brim is so cute, it really "makes" the hat. Although it would be nice without it, it gives the hats that little something extra from regular beanies, kind of like it has its very own personality! And finally my favorite thing about these hats. Can you guess? I love the little insignia, the heart and wings I have seen before, but with the halo it is absolutely perfect

They come in styles for boys and girls with several of them being perfect for either gender so handing it down is possible. They come in sizes 6 month to 7T and are completely affordable at around $20.

Check out some of the other styles.

So go on over to Born To Love and check them out. I am sure once you see them you are going to want some for your kids too! I know that when Libby & Amber saw this one they insisted on getting one too. They chose a pink and a pink camo and I can't wait to see them in them.

***Update** I got this in my email today so if you hurry you can take advantage of this grat deal!!!
"BACK TO SCHOOL SALE Take 40% off and enjoy FREE shipping by using code BACKTOSCHOOL at chekout. Offer ends August 24th and is valid on all new orders. NEW STYLES COMING SOON"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~~I've Been Interviewed!~~

Imagine my surprise when a wonderful lady asked me to be an interviewee (is that a word?) on her great blog. Yea I know, crazy isn't it!! Anyway, I am probably the most boring person any of you could ever read about, but if you are interested go on over to On Being You and check it out.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Small Talk Six 8/15

The ladies of Momdot are at it again with a new weekly meme called Small Talk Six. Every Saturday a new topic is announced and you respond to each topic with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 photos, or 6 paragraphs, whatever your heart desires. You can check out the Small Talk Six announcement to see all of the pre-scheduled topics for 2009. Don’t forget to stop by and see this weeks responses at MomDot and link up your own.

This weeks topic is 6 things you do, use to do, or would like to do to relax.

1. The thing that relaxes me the very most is laying on the beach, listening to the waves and reading a book. I WILL retire to a beach someday and that will be my dream come true.

2. I like to get in a hammock in a shady spot, read a book and listen to nature.

3. When I was a kid I liked going out to the hot springs early in the morning and float around on a tube. With nobody else there early it was peaceful and not hot like middle of the day.

4. Sometimes, if I can find a really good movie, I like to go to the theater alone and just enjoy a good movie with nobody asking me to take them to get a drink, popcorn, candy or go to the bathroom.

5. I like to take the camp trailer up the canyon, find a nice shady spot in the trees with nobody around and just hang out. Watching the deer and squirrels and listening to the birds is quite calming and sleeping in the nice fresh air makes sleeping so peaceful.

6. And finally, rocking a baby in the middle of the night, smelling the freshly bathed, lotioned and sleepy baby's sweet baby breath, breathing deeply and making little baby noises can take away all kinds of stress.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~~You Know You're A Mom When...~~

You know you're a mom when...

*you can juggle feeding a baby, fixing cereal and dressing someone throwing a tantrum for school and do all three perfectly without breaking a sweat

*you can clean up blood, poo and vomit without flinching

*you start saying things like "do it or else" or "so help me" or "wait til your dad gets home"

*you find yourself laughing out loud at something cute that your kids did yesterday and don't care who notices

*you only go to the grocery store at midnight to keep from buying tons of "I want this" stuff

*going to bed early becomes a privilege instead of a punishment

*you wake up with more people in your bed than you went to sleep with

*you can change a diaper and make a bottle in your sleep

*your front yard looks like a yard sale is currently taking place

*every book you read has pictures in it

*in your purse, you have more diapers, snacks and wipes than makeup or money

*you know the names of every child in the neighborhood, but none of their parents

*getting ready for the day consists of putting on clothes that don't have anyone else's bodily fluids or leftover food on them and brushing your hair, if you have an extra minute it might include a spit bath or lighting fast shower

*your main food groups are corn dogs, mac'and cheese, potato chips, jello pudding, string cheese and chocolate milk

*you scope out where the bathroom is in every place that you ever visit

*you sing nursery rhymes and Disney Channel songs and know all the words

*you have no idea what is currently happening on your favorite television programs, but know all of the Hannah Montana and iCarly plots by heart

*your 4 year old is singing the theme song to Zac & Cody and you know to correct her when she gets a word wrong

*you are having the worst day ever and the hug from tiny little arms will brighten it up!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

~Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review~

I am all about keeping my face clean. I have used rubbing alcohol for years to make sure I get all the dirt and oil off when I wash it. Kind of harsh on the skin, but I really haven't had a lot of luck with facial cleansers and some have even given me acne instead of cleaning my face. So when Katie contacted me and asked if I wanted to give the Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes a try I was a little leery, but decided to go ahead and give it a try.
The package of Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes came about a week ago and I have been using them each night since. The first night I felt like they left some kind of film on my face and so I washed with water afterwards. The second night I had more time and after I used the towelette I let my face dry completely and what I thought was a film the night before was not there. I kind of wonder if I was just feeling some really clean skin because that is all I felt the second night.
These new cleansing clothes come in three types:

Original: More effective at removing make-up than any other leading towelette. A gentle towelette that effectively removes make-up and dirt in one easy portable step. Infused with Triple Tea Antioxidant Complex, Vitamin E and Chamomile. Luxuriously quilted cloths with a unique diamond texture allow for a deep clean without leaving any residue behind.

Micro-Dermabrasion: These refreshing cucumber towelettes gently exfoliate to reveal radiant, smoother skin. They help achieve results equal to a professional mirco-dermabrasion treatment when used twice daily for two weeks. Dual-sided cloths incorporate mirco-derma beads on one side to exfoliate skin and are smooth on the other to remove make-up and impurities
Age Defying: Reveals softer, smoother, younger looking skin with every use.
Updated formula designed to be more gentle on the skin and around the sensitive eye area
Infused with Retinol and Collagen to smooth away lines and wrinkles for younger, healthier looking skin. Luxuriously quilted cloths with a unique diamond texture allow for a deep clean without leaving any residue behind.

Go on over to to get more information on the Pond’s Superior Clean, money back guarantee, find summer beauty tips from fashion and beauty expert Jenn Falik, download coupons for Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes and find proprietary Pond’s research for an in-depth explanation of the science behind the Pond’s exclusive cleansing system.

These towelettes sell in packages of 30 and run between $4.79 and $6.07 so they are really affordable! Imagine, paying only $6 a month to keep your skin looking nice and feeling healthy. Much cheaper and a ton of time saved over getting a facial at a salon. I would recommend these to anyone who wants their skin to feel fresh, clean and soft as a baby's bottom!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

~~Small Talk Six 8/8~~

The ladies of Momdot are at it again with a new weekly meme called Small Talk Six. Every Saturday a new topic is announced and you respond to each topic with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 photos, or 6 paragraphs, whatever your heart desires. You can check out the Small Talk Six announcement to see all of the pre-scheduled topics for 2009. Don’t forget to stop by and see this weeks responses at MomDot and link up your own.

This weeks topic is 6 things people do that you think is beyond lazy

1. Yelling for their kids to come in from outside or another room to get something for them instead of getting up and doing it themselves.

2. Not flushing the toilet in a public restroom. How gross is it to walk in having to go like RIGHT NOW and having to flush or change stalls to go?? UUGGGGHHHH!! It is bad enough to have to use a public bathroom anyway!

3. Slacking off on the job all day and then expecting everyone to help them hurry and get done beore quitting time. I have no problem helping people if they need it, but get a little resentful if they have been watching TV or playing games all day.

4. People who would rather pee in the swimming pool and make everyone swim in it than get out and go to the restroom. It takes only a few minutes and I blame parents who don't teach their kids to do what is right.

5. On the same track, I hate when people let their kids run wild through a store, restuarant, movie theater, or pretty much anywhere, without correcting them, taking them out of the situation or giving them any type of indication that they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Put down the phone, put out your cigarette, quit stuffing your face or whatever the hell else you are doing and tend to your kids, It only takes a minute and it will be extremely helpful in getting them to grow up to be productive adults.

6. Taking off shoes and socks, jackets, dropping backpacks and anything else that may be in their hands, as soon as they come in the front door. It would take an extra 2-3 minutes to take all your crap to your room and put it away so I don't have to do it later.

Friday, August 7, 2009

~~Switch Flops Review & Giveaway!~~

Can I just say: I LOVE SHOES!!!! I have dozens of pairs of sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops, heels~ anything you can think of, I have. In my defense though I come by it honestly, everyone used to compare my mom to Imelda Marcos and I have taken over. Libby is not far behind either so the fetish wont die with me.

Check this out:
This is a rack on the back of my door that holds the ones I am currently wearing for this season or my current favorites. I also have no less than 4 large boxes of shoes in the closet to change them out when I get tired of what I am wearing.
My biggest problem with this is that Jeff gets irritated at all the space my shoes take up. He thinks I need one pair to exercise in, one pair of heels and one pair of sandals OR flip flops. He just doesn't get it.
BUT, I have found a product that is going to help me out. It is called Switch Flops and they are made by Lindsay Phillips.

Here is a little information from the web site:
"Lindsay Phillips is the energetic inspiration and founding force behind SwitchFlops. Her footwear concept evolved from a high school art project—ceramic flip flops. Amazed by the response, Lindsay began designing functional flops with colorful straps, each adorned by a unique button. Her idea evolved when she realized that by using Velcro she could create one shoe with many straps–unlimited choices with minimal effort. This simple, yet brilliant innovation was the birth of SwitchFlops. Lindsay applied for a patent on her idea before she graduated high school."

So let me tell you what is so cool about them. You can choose from several different pair of "basic" flip flops and then you can choose from tons of different straps that just velcro on and off to make your shoes look like a brand new pair. I got the Lulu Pink Peace pair. See? Don't mind my feet, they could really use a pedicure.

And I got 2 pair of interchangable straps. Check them out:

I absolutely love this idea. I can get so many pair of shoes that look different, but they take up only a tiny portion of the space. You really need to go over to Switch Flops and check them out. It is a great way to change from beach casual to a formal affair in a matter of seconds, by just changing your straps.

I can't say enough about these shoes or this company. If you go to any of the places I tell you are awesome, this would be one of the best!!

The only down side I found at all is they seem to run a TINY bit small. I usually wear a 6, but got a 7 just in case because when I order off the internet I always try and play it safe and these were a little tight. Quite honestly though, I would wear them even if they were A LOT tight because they are so cute!

Lindsay from the Switch Flop company has generously offered to give one of my readers a pair of their own Switch Flops so you can see just how great they are. All you need to do is head on over to Switch Flops and come back to tell me what you would choose. Of course there is always the extra entry options:
1 entry for following me
1 entry for grabbing my button
2 entries for commenting on a non giveaway post(tell me which one in your comment here)

This giveaway ends August 25 2009 @ 11:59pm. So get entering because I promise you will want to win these!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~~Water Slides~~

The girls are flying back to New York in the morning so we decided to go to Seven Peaks to night for my work party. I think they will have fun on the water slides. But I think this one would be a LOT of fun!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~~PeaceLoveMom Winner!~~

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the black dot peace love tee.
I'm also now following you!

I am sending out the email today and if I don't hear from her in a few days I will redraw!

~~Go Jane Review & Giveaway~~

Looking for a place to shop that has prices lower than the lowest of bargain basement, yet cute and stylish as the high end boutiques? If you are a cheapskate like me you are! I am ALWAYS looking for a deal and I have really found one here at GoJane.

Kristin at GoJane sent me a super cute Black & White Tank Dress. See:

Cute huh?!?!?

So anyway, let me tell you a little about GoJane and you will see why I have fallen in love with the place.

They add at least 100 new styles every week so you can shop anytime and find something new. They carry an awesome selection of dresses, tops and pants. But that isn’t all. Take a look around the site and you will find sun glasses, belts, bags, hats, jewelry, hair accessories, make up, swimwear, shoes and more.
GoJane apparel and accessories are available for prices anyone can afford, with many items available for less than $20! Go here to see the new items each week!
I have said on here before that Princess Complains A Lot wears only designer and name brand clothing. But she is actually excited by the GoJane web site because it has so many different things to offer. From mild, mellow everyday clothes to wild and outrageous to the slinky club clothes, she can find it all.
They do have some pretty wild things that I wouldn’t personally wear, but I think that is what is best about the site, we can all find something we like and order together to save on shipping. Even better if your order is over $50 the shipping is free. So go on over to GoJane and see what you think.

Information from the GoJane site:
“We are constantly updating our collections to include trends straight off the runway, so you can wear celebrity styles without having to spend a Hollywood-sized paycheck. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay on top of our newest arrivals, best deals, and great fashion trends and tips. Every fashion-forward young woman can find a dress suitable for any occasion at GoJane. Our extensive women’s dress selection features unique designs and bright colors for a cute and breezy style perfect for running errands or going out for a night on the town. From halter dresses, to tube dresses, we have cuts to highlight the best features of every body type, including sizes for petite women. Before you know it, you’ll be the envy of all your friends with styles from GoJane.”

Now for the best part my great readers. Kristin has offered a $25 Gift Certificate to one of you. That is right, you can shop around, find what you like and get it FREE!!!
For entry just go over to the GoJane site, have a look around and come back here to tell me one thing you love and you are entered. Easy as that!

Extra entries? You know it!
1 entry for following me
1 entry for grabbing my button and telling me where you put it
2 entries for signing up for the Go Jane news letter/ email
2 entries for commenting on a non giveaway post (let me know where)

So good luck everyone. Get those entries in because this giveaway ends August 20 2009 at 11:59 PM.