Thursday, November 6, 2008

~~ Kid's say the funniest things!~~

So Jacki brought Libby up to have lunch with me today and while we were eating Libby kept burping on purpose and Jacki told her to stop because it was rude. So then a few minutes later Libby took a drink of her rootbeer and really had to burp so she burped, but kept her mouth shut. Immediately after the burp she made a funny noise with her nose and she told Jacki......."See what happens when I can't burp how I want? I burp in my mouth and then my nose farts!"
Now keep in mind that Libby gets totally heart broken and butt hurt if she thinks anyone is laughing at her and will go into a melt down so there I sat trying my best to make her think I was laughing at something else, because there is no way I could have not laughed. She is so cute! Both the little girls have such cute personalities, my "big" girls too, but the little ones are so much fun (well sometimes).

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The Robinson's said...

So funny I haven't got that good of a laugh for a while. Thanks