Sunday, January 10, 2010

~~Big Bandaids & Mother of the Year??~~

If you continue reading it is at your own risk! Not bad, but you have been warned.
The day before New Years Eve I got really sick and ended up in the hospital, septic, in renal failure and feeling stick a red hot poker in my eye fantastic. I had surgery on New Years to unblock the tube that was clogged up with kidney stones, clear the infection from my blood & brain and had a nice peaceful ICU stay to help me feel better. Now I told you all of this so MAYBE you could find a way to excuse me for what I did, my daughter hasn't.

Now the day before I started feeling crappy I was a little out of it. I had some scheduled time off from work so I was able to rest, but I went to the store for milk for breakfast and a couple quick errands before the girls got up for the day. One of those errands was to get some feminine supplies (I told you TMI). I never got things put away because after I came home I had started to feel very dizzy and was losing my hearing, going all bat shit crazy, according to my kids, so I just went in to lay down.
The maid (that is a whole other post) got the girls up and ready for their day so I just went to sleep thinking I would wake up in a few hours and feel better.
I guess during those few hours that I was in some outer world, my 7 year old cut her hand and apparently asked for a band aid. Now remember, I couldn't really hear well because the infection in my brain had started affecting my hearing, but I slightly remember her complaining that the band aids were too big and I also VERY slightly remember telling her to just use it and go get on the bus for school.

Thank God I was delusional and there was no school and it is only all the neighbors who now know I am a freak. (Didn't think I would ever say that in my lifetime!!)

Fast forward a couple days, after I got home, I went to use some of the supplies I had previously purchased and could not find them ANYWHERE! I swear I all but tore my bathroom and storage room up looking for them so I didn't have to haul my bruised and battered body with it's uncombed hair to a store. I asked everyone and nobody confessed to putting them anywhere so I started thinking that maybe I had imagined it all~ I did have a lot of delusions that everyone has told me about, so I could have gone or I could have not, at that point I didn't really know.

But NO!!! I am not lucky enough to have just been delusional.

Later that night when I got into the cupboard in the kitchen where we keep Tylenol and stuff like that- there they were.
Opened and one missing.

It took me a little while to put it all together, but when I did I don't know if I felt more stupid or if I had made Amber feel worse. I'm sure you can all figure out what I did by now, but if not picture this. I sent my 7 year old out to play with all the neighbor kids with a panty liner on her hand as a band aid.

Anyone want to vote for me for Mother of the Year???


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you got my vote. hope you are feeling better. that must of fbeen terrible.

Vaylene & Jordan said...

haha thats funny. Glad your feeling better.

Anonymous said...
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