Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm entering this photo in the Invisalign Teen Bright Smiles Holiday Photo Contest with Dumb Mom. All you have to do is submit your post which should feature one or more photos of smiles that brighten your holidays and you can win an awesome prize. But don't do it!! I don't want the competition because I really want to win this.

Here are the smiles that brightened my life this past year!
Smiles in the tub,

Smiles in the pool,

Smiles of the most mischievous little boy in the world

And smiles that live on only in my heart because Heaven needed this little angel.

All these smiles made my year perfect and I can't wait for the next ones!!


Me said...

I'm entered into this contest, too! (that's actually how I found you :)) You've got some BEAUTIFUL smiles here - I can't help but grin looking at them! Good luck to us both!

Anonymous said...

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22bmommy2 said...

What beautiful smiles you have captured!! I love pictures of little ones smiling, my pictures of my children all happy and smiling are precious to me...Good luck on the contest! :-)

WWillows6 said...

So many beautiful smiles you have captured. I love hope the eyes are smiling to in every photo. You can just see all the joy and happiness. Good job!

clenna said...

I love the happiness on your children's faces. I have 5 grand kids and I love to just watch them. They crack me up!

clenna at aol dot com

Stacy said...

Cute pictures!

lulu said...

awww those are some beautiful smiles right there... that just made my morning especially the lil wee ones at the end ahhh babies hehe