Saturday, September 11, 2010

~~My Husband the Garbologist~~

Photo borrowed from Mayor John Curtis' blog page.
My husband graduated from college-- 3 times. He has a Building Construction degree, a Journeyman Plumbing degree, a Fire Fighting degree and he has worked at all of these jobs at different times in his life.
Construction work, especially concrete got hard on his body and he decided plumbing would be a good career that would keep him in the business of building houses, which he loved, so he enrolled in school again.
After several years of living by the motto "crap runs down hill, don't chew your nails and payday is Friday", he opened his own plumbing business just before the economy went into the crapper and we had 10's of thousands of dollars that people owe and he can't get them to pay so that didn't last long. He has too kind of a heart and when people give him a sob story he feels to bad to take them to court or send them to collections so he decided he wanted to be a Fire Fighter.
He said he had thought about it for years so once again he enrolled in school. He would still run into a burning building as everyone else is in a panic and running out any day, but our city fire fighters run in the deadly Spanish Fork Canyon and the nightmares of dead or dying people were already getting to him when he spent a Fathers Day morning holding a little girl that had been thrown from a car and had a bone sticking out of her leg, body covered in road rash and crying her eyes out while they waited for yet another ambulance to make it up to them.
He decided his sanity was not going to hold out for many more days like that so he decided he had to stop that too. He likes driving and has a perfect driving record so he decided truck driving sounded like a good~ safely boring job for a while. So my husband with 3 college degrees and a great work ethic and reputation decided to drive a garbage truck.
I wasn't sure at first, seemed like it would be a little too boring for him, but he loves it and it shows. People on his route routinely comment about him and how good he is to them. He has even been known to help the elderly people on his route by getting out of his truck and getting their garbage can out to the curb, get back in the truck, empty it and then take it back and put it away for them.
He doesn't make the "big bucks" anymore, but his happiness shows and it makes it all worth it.
A couple weeks ago the Mayor of the city he works in did a ride along with him and gave him all kinds of compliments. I know some people would rather work for the place where they make the most money and I won't lie, the money was nice. But seeing the smile on his face while he talks about his day is so much better than having a grumpy old man coming home every night.
Here is the write up that the Mayor put on his blog. I just wanted to share with all of you, and yea, maybe brag him up a little bit because he really does have a hard job and he loves every minute of it.

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He deserves a pat on the back for sure.