Wednesday, December 3, 2008

~~Christmas Shopping~~

Everyone that knows me, knows I just cannot pay full price for anything, yet I hate stores because of the crowds so the "Black Friday" shopping is OUT!!
BUT, this year we had a super "Cyber Monday" which actually started on Saturday and I got some awesome deals for Christmas right from my recliner!!
I was a little worried since I am usually done Christmas shopping by the first of October and then spend November and December doing Sub-for-Santa shopping. This year I had got 0 (none, zero, zilch) presents until the weekend after Thanksgiving so I figured nobody was going to get much. But the computer came through and I am now completely done!! Yeah, now we can spend the rest of December showing our little girls the lights, putting up the tree, taking them to see Santa and doing all the fun things we used to do when our big kids were little. Hope everyone is having a very Happy Holidays!!!!

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Sherman Family said...

I didn't know you had a blog page too.... I will have to have BreAnna help me mark yours to my page...heck I need her to help me update mine. I wish I had a few extra hours to play with this stuff!! Love Ya - Lisa