Sunday, December 28, 2008

~~Christmas 2008~~

Well another Christmas over and done. My kids were spoiled as usual. Libby kind of went into a present overload and just sat there and stared for a while, but she finally got into it and wanted a picture with everything she opened. Amber was really cute and I think she said "Thank you" after everything she opened. Jaycee was actually surprised with something this year, usually she snoops so much she knows what everything is before she opens them.
We had the whole fam damily here on Christmas Eve and our house is starting to be too small for everyone. We may have to rent a place next year if we have anymore additions to the family, and maybe even if we don't.
Everyone loved having the baby here, he will never know his name because he is called Zeke, Trey, baby boy and a bunch of other things. But he will always know he is loved, he never gets a second to just hangout because someone is always holding him.
We tried to do some pictures of him today and he was having nothing to do with it!! He hates being naked and he hates posing. He is less than 3 weeks old and when I put him on his tummy with a bow on his back for a picture, he scooted himself across the bench, kind of like an army crawl. I think he will be mobile before long. He also is really strong and turned almost all the way over during a diaper change, it is hard to believe he is so young and so strong already.
Here are a few Christmas pictures and hopefully we can get Trey to cooperate soon and get some cute ones of him. I did add a few to my myspace page if you want to look at those. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!

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