Sunday, December 21, 2008

~~People Please Pay Attention!!!~~

Amber & Libby's little friend was run over by a car by our house today. The kids in this neighborhood have been intensely trained to watch the cars since we live on such a busy street and yet this horrible thing has taken sweet "J" from her family. The girls thought that since one car had slowed to let them cross they were safe, yet someone not aware of what was going on on the road hit this sweet girl, narrowly missing "M". How do I tell my 6 & 4 year olds that their good friend is never coming back because someone wasn't paying attention? How do I tell them that, yet again, that someone important in their lives is no longer in their lives? How can I make them understand that an innocent life was taken and it could have been prevented by someone just being aware of their surroundings? How do I tell them that life is just not fair? I want them to just be kids and be able to be innocent forever!
PEOPLE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!! This beautiful girl's life is over, her family will never be the same and the driver's life has been forever changed. Watch what is going on around you while you drive, put the phone down, slow down, watch other drivers and pedestrians, and again SLOW DOWN, getting there 3 minutes earlier wont make a difference, but it could mean a life~~ in other words PAY ATTENTION!!!!! Nothing you have to do while you are driving is as important or worth a life.

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