Saturday, December 12, 2009

~~Happy Birthday Elizabeth~~

Happy birthday Miss Elizabeth, Libby, Liz, Lizzy, Starr, Lulu, Monkey-- any of the funny little names you have been given. You are 5 years old going on 14. You are so funny and have the best personality I think I have ever seen in a little girl. You say the funniest things without even realizing it most of the time. You are always the one to lighten to mood, make everyone smile and make me have a good day- except that your feelings are so tender that you cry if we laugh after you say something. We try and try to explain to you that we are laughing at the funny things you say and not laughing AT you, but you just don't understand yet. Someday you will and I hope you keep that silly sense of humor and "class clown" type personality forever. You may get yourself in trouble a time or two, but I will always stand behind you and encourage you to let yourself shine for who you are. Just try to give the teachers and daddy a break once in a while OK??
You are the most stubborn and naughty little thing at times and then you can turn around and be a sweet angel that can melt me with her smile. I love both those sides of you as I am sure I will love anything you become.

You love being a girl and everything that goes along with it, but I have to say I am more than a little worried about all the crushes you have on the little boys at school already. I guess I can find comfort knowing you will be raised the same as your new big sisters and they turned out OK so I am sure you will too! You are shy yet love to sing and dance for anyone who will watch, you love make-up and girly stuff already and you don't mind getting down and dirty with the boys fishing and playing in the dirt. Pretty much well rounded if you ask me.
You are beautiful and have been so happy that your hair has finally "reached your butt". Beautiful, thick and blond, but I do wish you would quit cutting your bangs!!
You are smart as all get out and I see how much you enjoy doing the same homework that Amber is doing. I hope you don't get bored in first grade because you will have already done all the work. You amaze me with something everyday, sometimes things you say, sometimes with things you know or want to learn. You are wise beyond your years baby and bring joy to our home in each and everything you do.

Although I would love a dozen more, you will always be my baby. You hate being babied, but get used to it because you are here to stay!
I love you will all my heart and although you didn't grow in my belly, you have taken a firm hold on my heart and my total being. I love you Libby Lu and wish for you a wonderful coming year!

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