Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~~Happy Birthday Little Man~~

ONE YEAR!!!! I can't hardly believe you are a year old. Such a sweet little boy and yet you have such a devilish streak in you!
You came into this world at the perfect time to help your mommy and daddy's hearts heal. I know you met your sister before we met you and I am sure she told you all about us because since day one you have seemed to know how each of us works and you have us all wrapped around your little finger!
You are growing so fast! Already in 18 month size clothes and you have been walking for over a month. Daddy wont like this, but I think you are a really pretty boy! ALL boy though. You have eyes that will make girls fall in love with you at first site and a smile that can melt the coldest heart! I feel sorry for the girls later in life because that smile gets you whatever you want!
I call you Little D (for demon) but you know I think you are an angel and love you more than I can say. Your Grampa's little buddy and we think it is funny that you love to watch Nascar and hunting shows. You wont remember it, but when you watch TV with Grampa and a commercial comes on you hit him on the chest and point at the TV until he changes the channel to something you want to see, then you smile and pat him and settle back in the crook of his arm. You pull the funniest faces and if people laugh at you you will go on for hours. Your a ham already and you are just getting started.
So laugh little guy, play and have a great birthday and know that Gramma loves you forever and ever and can't wait to see what you become!!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Little Man is adorable. Happy Birthday little man!!

I hope he has so much fun playing and getting smooches from the family.

Vaylene & Jordan said...

I love it! You will have to give him kisses for us. He's in 18 months already! I bet he's going to be tall!