Monday, April 19, 2010

~~The Great Food Debate~~

Since I quit cooking about 5 years ago I have left the whats and wheres of all that happens in the kitchen to my husband. He likes to cook and since he likes it, so be it, he now owns the kitchen and all that happens there.
With one exception- I refuse to eat any "weird" meat. By weird meat I mean if it doesn't come wrapped in plastic, full of preservatives I want nothing to do with it.
We live in a part of the country where the deer hunt may as well be a holiday because nobody will be in school because they are all with their parents on "the hunt". There is also an unbelievable number of people who also hunt elk, duck, geese, wild turkey, bear, moose, dove, well you get the picture, if it runs it shall be hunted. All of these things I consider weird meat.
He has tried, a time or well say 200, to trick me into eating these nasty things. He says if I don't know what it is I would never be able to tell it isn't from the store. Guess what? He is wrong. I swear it smells and looks different and he can talk until he is blue in the face but he wont get me to change my mind.
He also has a friend that has decided to use turkey burger in everything and has convinced He-Man to use it too. I have boycotted that issue every time it is brought up. Even though turkey comes from the store it is still weird when it doesn't come out of the oven all golden brown and ready to be carved up.
So this past week he thought he could trick me and he bought turkey burger to make spaghetti sauce with. He went to the store by himself (another thing I despise)got all of his sneaky ingredients and came home to make dinner.
I could smell it cooking and of course it didn't smell right. He swore up and down I was crazy and he was cooking hamburger. He brought me a plate of food (I know sweet huh?!?)and again swore that he didn't know why it looked different to me because IT. WAS. HAMBURGER. (I beg to differ)
So he went up and got his plate and came down in the family room with me. I was picking through the food and taking out the spaghetti noodles only. He made some huffing and puffing noise to show he was displeased with my pickiness and began to eat. About a minute later I noticed he wasn't eating and I looked at him with what I assume was a question on my face because before I had a chance to say anything he blurted out that turkey burger does taste different and it was gross. You should all be proud, I didn't even say I told you so. Wanted to, but didn't.
What do you think, does store meat and game meat taste different??

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Vaylene & Jordan said...

Lol sounds like we married the same guy. Jordan tries to get me to eat all these different foods and I wont. I told him if I have corn and potatoes, my corn CANNOT be touching my potatoes. Yes I love them both but if they are touching you can forget it. yuck! I am such a picky eater. Jordan said once that his dad tricked him into eating a liver or something. Yuck!!