Friday, October 1, 2010

~~A Big Thanks to Smiths~~~

This past weekend we went to Las Vegas to the Smith's 350 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series courtesy of Smith's Grocery Store. They gave us 4 tickets and it was SUPER. My husband has been down to NASCAR races before and I never went because I thought tickets were outrageously priced and I didn't think I would have any fun. But with Smith's footing the bill I opted to go check it out.
Now when I was a kid and even up to when I was a teenager, my dad drag raced and raced stock cars at a local track here. It was cool and I even enjoyed it when I was forced to go with my family~~ just don't tell anyone that because they all think to this day I was being picked on by being made to hang out with the family. I didn't really think it would be much different than that, but boy was I surprised. Not the same at all!!!!!
Not only will I be going back down with him for the March 2011 race, I think I will be going to all of them, to every destination he goes to, for the rest of the time he goes, which will be when we are old and gray~ or older and more gray.
There is not another feeling like those trucks racing by at almost 200 miles per hour, inches apart~ they have some awesome driving skills. I swear it feels like they are driving right through you. Unfortunately, since they are going that fast it is all but impossible to get a good picture with my outdated camera, but here is a sample of what I got. The better ones are before the trucks actually started moving, but you get the idea.
I wish I could put a video on here so you could get an idea of how it sounds and feels, but I am afraid it would be breaking some kind of copy write laws.
If you ever get the chance to go, I say DO IT!!!!! There is nothing I can say that will give you the same feeling as the actual experience and it is well worth the time.

Thanks to Smith's for giving us the free tickets and thanks to Jeff for taking me and having the patience to deal with me asking a million questions through the whole thing.

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