Monday, October 11, 2010

~~Pulling a The David Cook for NILMDTS~~

A while back, the wonderful Aunt Becky at Mommy wants Vodka had engineered an evil take over plan of the internet with the help of John C. Mayer~~ only he didn’t know it. We tormented Google, and just generally enjoyed ourselves so much that Aunt Becky named us her Merry Band of Pranksters. She has since been waging a pointless war (her words) against John C. Mayer for years. She pulled an Internet prank that got her to #1 on Google if you searched for John Mayer, but has recently decided to lift the prank and stop tricking Google (Go here to read all about it if you want to) and use her super powers for the greater good of the universe, at least for this short time, She is now trying to raise awareness for charities, and is pulling another prank...a positive prank...that she refers to as "Pulling A The David Cook For Charities", a good deed that I jumped right in on.
We, Aunt Becky’s Merry Band of Pranksters are using the fun ability to screw with Google to promote worthy charities. You want to be involved in Pulling a The David Cook? Head on over to Mommy Wants Vodka for better information and directions than I am able to give and join in. Although I have never pulled a The David Cook before, it sounds like all kinds of The David Cook fun!!
To help out all you The David Cook fans who are wondering when you bumped your head and are looking around to see if you have skipped to an alternate universe and time zone and trying to figure out what the hell happened on Google and how all of you The David Cook fans ended up here? It’s a way of pranking the search engines and getting top rating on a search. That’s right The David Cook fans, I am not a David Cook fan page and I don’t even know who the awesomeness of David Cook really is except that he was on American Idol and since I only watch that the first few weeks when people are making complete asses out of themselves or being paid to sing so bad it makes my ear drums hurt~~ I have never really decided which although I do know that if I sang like a screeching jungle monkey in heat I would never go on national television to do it. Are all those people deaf??? So anyway, back to The David Cook, I probably never heard him sing because, obviously, he didn’t get chosen to be made a fool of. I am assuming The David Cook is an awesome singer who sounds nothing like the jungle monkeys previously mentioned.
Back to where I got lost at........Aunt Becky’s new passion is the Pulling a The David Cook for Charity. The details are here and you can even win free ice cream for a year for posting about your chosen charity. I bet even The David Cook likes ice cream and if not and you don’t eat it because The David Cook doesn’t, I will be glad to use the prize for you because I likes me some ice cream and so do my babies.
I thought about it and since I have only so much brain power left over after all The David Cook things going on in my head I decided that I am with my wonderful Aunt Becky and chose NILMDTS or Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, the awesome non-profit that took the beautiful pictures of Zariah the day she left us to return to Heaven. You can read about that here and then again here about meeting Sam Puc the founder of NILMDTS if you are so inclined. Also here is a copy of a post from her blog that tells about NILMDTS. But I will tell you this, all of you The David Cook Fans, when you are done you will be NILMDTS fans too. You never know, maybe even The David Cook will be a fan of NILMDTS and they of The David Cook. Hopefully, NILMDTS doesn't mind being part of this prank for goodness too much, because I think it's really important to tell people about them and if they do mind being part of our little prank~~I am sorry Sam.

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is an non-profit organization that I’ve supported for many years. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a network of volunteer professional photographers that travel to the hospital when a baby is stillborn or born too sick to survive to take free professional photographs for the family to remember their child by. For these families, the professional portraits that Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep provides are some of the only keepsakes that they are able to remember their child by.
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep believes that these portraits are an important, integral part of the healing aspect of grief and grieving. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep always accepts
volunteer photographers (READ: If you are a photographer please donate some of your time!!~~this is from Trina not Sam!). Awareness of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep photographers by medical professionals can make the difference in the lives of many grieving families, so please, spread the word about this awesome charity."

So all of my readers, all 7 of you, please, please, please when it comes time to donate or if you, God forbid, ever need the services of a awesome place like this, think of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. It is not something I would have ever thought about and I am so glad that someone else brought it up to me. I can't imagine life without the beautiful pictures of our little angel.
And for those The David Cook fans, thanks for hanging out with the Merry Pranksters today!!

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