Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~~Trina Needs......~~

So I have seen this done on a few sites, and I thought this was totally funny. I decided to try it out on my own. You should try it and see what you get.....all you do is type in your name and then needs after it on Google. You might get surprised....The first one caught me off guard, then made me laugh my butt off......

1. "Trina needs to call the garbage collection company." Don't think that would ever happen, I would just complain when the garbologist comes home!

2. "Trina needs someone to bite on that juicy rump of hers!" - hmmm.

3. "Trina needs prayer" - already have it!

4. "Trina Needs A Stylist." - Who am I to argue on this one, any offers???

5. "TRINA NEEDS MEDS!!" -Again hmmmmmm

6. "TRINA NEEDS TO SIT HER NON PROPER A** DOWN!" - Heard that one before!

7. "Trina Needs Your Help!" Again who am I to argue, any offers???

8. "Trina needs a good home." - That I have, although utterly caotic, it is great.

9. "Trina needs a reality check for real." - Trust me hun, I have gotten a big reality check lately. It hit me right in the forehead!!

10. "Trina needs a sex tape to become relevant again."- Ummmm I don't think so!!! I prefer to stay nonrelevant if that is what it takes.

11. "Trina needs to leave that married man alone." -- Not a chance, I love my married man!!

12."Trina needs to grow up." - Not going to happen!!!!

13. "Trina needs a hug y’all, stop being hard on her." -- OK I will take all huggers on if that is what I really need, but y'all know I hate being touched so could you do it without touching me??

There is a ton more, but I know you don't want to read mine all day. So do your's, I am sure you will get a laugh!!!!

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