Thursday, October 9, 2008

~We have new furbabies at our house!!!~

Sissy had her babies last night. It took her all freaking night to do it. I have never had one of my females take so long and have so many problems and pain, poor girl. She started into labor about 6:00 and didn't have the first one until 10:03, then rested 20 minutes and pushed forever and had the next one at 11:48, then the same drill and the last one at 1:48. I was so worried about her, the first one got stuck and Jeff helped me pretty much pull her out, really scary, but all turned out fine. We got one black female, a multicolored mostly browns male and a tan and white male. It is hard to get pictures of them because Sissy is really protective today, guess she is afraid the girls wil steal her babies again like last time (they put them in their purses, their drawers and out in the play house)but they have promised not to touch the. Here is the best pictures I could get for now.

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Vaylene & Jordan said...

So sweet!!! Let us know when they get bigger and stronger and we will come see them!