Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~~Another Year~~

Well another year gone by and another one on the horizon. Hopefully this new year will be a lot better for us than the last one was!!
Baby "Zeke, Trey, Boo" is still home, although he is fighting pneumonia. Jacki and Max are really good with him and make sure he is suctioned on time and he gets his medicines. They are hoping to go visit Ohio in February to see Max's girls and then maybe Tatiyana and Anaya will get to come and spend the summer with us in Utah. Amber & Libby would love to have them spend the summer, it would be a continual sleep over.
The snow is outrageous!! I don't remember this much snow at one time since I was much, much younger!! We can't even keep up with it using the snow blower, although Max & Jeff sure try. I think the neighbors like their toy since it keeps their walks and drive ways clean too. The girls got new coats, snow bibs, boots, gloves and the works for Christmas so we are going to take them out tubing, hopefully this weekend. I think they are going to love it! Libby loves to go out and fall backwards in the now to make an "angel" and she disappears when she falls. When the dogs go out they run toward their "safe" area and all you see it their heads bouncing out of the snow every couple feet. Zoe loves the snow, she will sit out there and eat it until she is a shivering mass and we make her come in.
I hope everyone had a good New Years and we wish you all a great coming year!!

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Vaylene & Jordan said...

How fun!! Don't mention sledding to Jordan. He gets all serious about his sledding skills. :) I'm so surprised that your pups will go outside. Mine won't step a paw outside. Although mine wear sweaters so maybe I turned them into sissy girly girl's. That's my own fault.