Thursday, March 5, 2009

~~ Life Sucks or Does It??~~

The last few days my life has really sucked!!! I lost a good friend because of an argument, I had my life threatened by someone I don't even know and who doesn't know who I even am, my computer has been acting up and I lost a ton of cute pictures we had just taken of Trey and now I feel like I am getting the flu and feel like death warmed over. Work has really sucked all week, my house is tore up because I am having wood floors put in, the wind blew so hard yesterday that we lost shingles on the house and the playhouse blew over on the Explorer (that is sitting in the back of the driveway not being used and thus has no insurance on it). Everyone in the house has been grumpy all week (10 grumpy people does not make for a fun time)and I got a $350.00 electric bill for last month (my God would somebody turn off a damn light????)
I hate that life can't be all Mai Tai's and beaches. I hate that when I get angry I say things that I would never believe I would say, I hate that I take things so personal, I hate the wrinkles on my forehead, my gray hair that multiplies nightly and everyone knows how I feel about my big butt.
But then after an extremely rotten day, I get to come home to this:

And everything is wonderful again!!!


Christina said...

What a lovely post. Don't worry, I can name about 5 more people (including myself) that have posted about their bad week. Maybe its something in the air?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

This is what we call life, and thats why we have loved ones who can erase the crappy moments of our day.

Krystyn said...

Thank goodness for being able to come home to good things.

Queenie Jeannie said...

You are NOT alone! We all feel this way sometimes hun. Hugs!!

Tina12312 said...

I have weeks like that too. It seems like it's all of nothing sometimes. The horoscope lady says that Mercury is in Retrograde for the month of May and who knows, that might have something to do with it. Hope things are getting better for you now.