Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~~Safekeeping the cat or Why I dislike Evil Kitty~~

Let's start off by saying I am not really a cat lover. Kittens are cute, but they grow up, nuff said. Sorry, I know that will piss somebody off, but that is just how it is. I don't go out of my way to run over them, but I am not going to be the crazy cat lady either.
When my daughter and her husband moved in with us in January they brought with them their reptile, their Chihuahua and one very neurotic cat. The thing is NUTS!!! It torments the dogs and brings home friends after she goes outside~~ not a good idea in my house. It lurks around the house at night and scares the bejesus out of me more than once in a while. I swear it can be right on top of you before you even have a feeling that it is there, must be part tiger or something, who knows. The point to this little story is that the damn thing is sneaky and quiet!
So anyway, I opened up our rather large safe one morning to get some things out before we left for a weekend getaway with some friends. Apparently the cat decided to see what was in there and being the stealthily being it is, I didn't notice it. Around 9PM my daughter called in a panic and said she needed to get in the safe. After a good 5 minutes of panic she got out that she had been looking for the Evil Kitty (not its real name) for quite some time and after crawling around the basement following sounds she had discovered it was now being housed in the safe. Now mind you, she is pretty level headed and doesn't panic easily (she lost a wheel on the freeway and held it together, that's another story, but you see she can be poised in an emergency), but she was concerned that the cat was running out of air and I was out of town with the key needed to unlock the dial before the combination could be put in. She was crying about calling a lock smith and wanting to use a cutting torch on the safe door. I am not really sure why she was so upset, I don't think she even really likes Evil Kitty very much, but what the hell, it is her cat so instead of playing with her little mind like I had initially thought of (yea, I'm kind of mean like that sometimes) I told her where to find an extra key and walked her through the combination, which took several tries in her state of mind. Finally I hear the door crack open and the cat meows like she is stating just how pissed off she is, she came shooting out of the safe like her ass was on fire, scratching and screaming and then made a beeline for the bedroom. Funny, or so I thought. I got home Sunday and opened the safe to put things back and to my surprise I found that apparently the cat had been trying to dig her way out and had ruined the carpet inside the safe, tore up important papers, knocked some guns over scratching them, boy was hubby happy! I guess I should be happy the damn thing is trained and didn't leave me a little present in there.


Sara G said...

Oh my goodness that is FUNNY!!
Hubby is allergic to cats, so no kitties for us.
We do have three dogs.
I don't remember how I found your website, but I have sure been enjoying looking around!!
Take care

Fiauna said...

I've got one of those cats that I love to hate--or hate to love--I can't decide. Thanks for stopping by my blog. : )

Bebe said...

Funny! Maybe Evil Kitty will be more careful next time. Curiosity certainly can kill a cat!

Pam said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder about the toy wrangler....I'm such a frickin slacker!! :D

On the bright won!!

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