Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~~The Wind Has Attacked~~

So a week or so ago I was having a usual complaint day and mentioned that the wind had blown over our playhouse, among other things. Now keep in mind, it hit and dented a car, it destroyed a battery operated VW bug that belonged to my 4 year old-(you can kind of see it there in the pictures), it broke a part of the tree, it fell on the snow blower and who knows if it will ever work again, but I bet you can't guess what the most important thing that got ruined was??? No guesses?? Amber is butt hurt and heart broke because her little pink plastic picnic table got a leg bent.

Just picture her in her best whiney, I am the Princess voice saying "Well exactly what am I suppose to do now when I need to eat in my club house?" I explained to her that we needed to reset some type of anchors in the ground so it wont tip over again and then she can play out there when she wants to, but she is so worried that it wont all be the same without the pink table. She feels slighted somehow, like the wind hurt her playhouse and table on purpose. I am really considering putting her in some kind of theater or drama group instead of dance because she is quite the little actress and can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat.
She has now decided that we will be going shopping this coming weekend because she just can't be without her playhouse "for another minute!!" I think she has taken all this princess stuff to heart because she really thinks she is one and should be treated as such! (and who am I to say she isn't??) What in the world have we created?? Jeff thinks we have spoiled them too much and thinks they are naughty a lot of the time. I think they are spoiled, but they have such cute little personalities and I love to see the girls showing them off. My older girls tell me that I let them get away with too much and that I never would have let them get away with things that I let the little girls do. But I think I have just grown a little more patience and mellowed as I have aged. I don't let things upset me, noise and a little mess are not worth getting a headache over. Their imaginations are great and they tell me the funniest stories (remind me one day to tell you about when the shark went into Libby's room and bit her on the leg so she couldn't clean her room). Do I think I overindulge them?? Of course. Do I think they are spoiled? A little. Do I think they get away with things I didn't let my older girls do? No I think they are just jealous that I don't get grouchy any more over silly things and I will be the first to admit I used to go off over almost nothing at all (so they may have a legitimate case!!) So this weekend we will be off to ToysRUs to get a new pink picnic table and all will be well in the perfect little princess world.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

the last two days it has been very wind around here but no damage luckily just limbs down in the yard.

Christina said...

Geesh... Where are your priorities mom? Don't you understand the importance of the picnic table. I mean, Come on! It's pink for crying out loud!

Caffeine Court said...

Whoa. Lucky no one in your family was hurt!

Love your blog design. Mine needs a facelift...any suggestions?

Jen said...

I am excited to tell you that YOU are the winner of my Blog Makeover from FFFF!! Congrats!!

Contact me and we'll get started discussing what you would like for your new look!!

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