Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~~Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl~~

October 13, 1985 was a Sunday. I had a scheduled C-section for the following Wednesday, but Jaycee showed her impatience and kicked enough to get my labor going early. It was a hint of things to come. At 13:13 on that 13th of October the child I thought would forever be my youngest child was born. She weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and then to top it off we were put into room 13 on the Maternity floor. People teased me that saying that it was a bad omen with all the 13's. Not so!! This child has been a joy from the beginning and 13 has become one of my favorite numbers.

She was born with hardly any hair, but what she did have was dark. My first 2 had white blond hair. She had an olive complexion that I can only guess where it came from because I am so white I could scare a ghost. She also had the brightest blue eyes and loooong eyelashes.

When her hair started coming in it was so curly that with her dark skin people thought she was a mixed race baby. We fought for years over that hair, she hated getting it combed because it was so curly and snarled so easily. I on the other hand, wanted it to be long and beautiful. Eventually I won the argument and she still has very long, very curly beautiful hair.

She was and is a daddy's girl, actually she was his little hunting partner, riding buddy and fishing pal until she woke up one day with boobs and realized she is a girl. And although that was a sad day for him, I was so proud of the way she was growing up into a beautiful young woman.
She was always the peace maker between her brother and sister. Hated when anyone was upset and would do anything to make them smile again. She was always a little show off and liked to sing and dance for anyone who was willing to watch. She is also the most stubborn, opinionated child I ever knew and at times we had a war of the wills and more often than not she is the one who stuck to her guns the longest. Even when she got her way though, she could make me feel like it was all my idea and I had gotten my way. Crafty little thing that she was~LOL. She also taught me that even when I am a screaming wreck that cannot quite get out what I am trying to say, I am teaching her to be a good person, a lovely young lady as she can still find good in the situation and tells me often. She loves unconditionally, lives life in a whirlwind and laughs at the hurdles thrown at her, chosing to jump right over them and have a positive attitude and a happy day!

During her school years she was the girl who everyone liked. She was friends with everyone from her fellow cheerleaders to the handicapped kids she tutored. Never afraid to stand up for the underdog or invite a not so "in crowd" girl to join the party and make them feel welcome. She is not someone who judges nor ridicules others and she has got a sense of humor that doesn't stop, but never uses it to poke fun of anyone or hurt anyone's feelings~~ well maybe with the exception of her siblings.
She is always the life of the party and still to this day makes sure everyone is included and happy before she starts having a good time.

She was married to her best friend a few years ago and she makes the cutest little wife and I can't wait until she is a mommy. She is never too busy to call just to say "I love you" and she never forgets a birthday or special occasion. She was a super sweet little girl and she is becoming a very beautiful woman. Happy birthday Jaycee. I love you and I am so proud of what a wonderful person you are!


The Redhead Riter said...

I guess I should have my butt in the bed because I'm too emotional.

Reading about your lovely daughter makes me dread when the room down the hall is empty because Alyssa is gone...she may only be 16, but it has passed so fast that I know my pain is just around the corner.

Happy Birthday to your lovely Baby Girl!

Jordan said...

What a wonderful post! Tell her happy birthday for us! I think it's so great that you are able to remember so many little details! Every time I ask my mom about my birth or when I was younger the story changes each time. Lol hopefully I don't inherit her forgetfulness. Hope you guys have a great day! Luv the pics too.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

She blossomed into quite the woman with lots of TLC.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Happy Birthday Jaycee! She's a beautiful girl. I loved the tribute and especially knowing that some day, she will emulate all that she has learned from you.