Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~~Squeeki Tiki™ Dog Toys Review~~

Super Christmas Gift Ideas!!!!!!
Don't forget your very best friends this Christmas!

Are these not the cutest little faces??? Well, maybe not quite as cute as mine, but mine don't sit still long enough to get a cute picture like this.

As most of you know I am what some people would consider a crazy dog lady. Not all by my choice, but I have 5 tiny Chihuahuas that live in my house- or should I say 5 tiny Chihuahuas that let me stay in their house.

They love to play and chew and chew and chew.......on EVERYTHING!! We do have one monkey that Zoe has had since she was a puppy (almost 8 years ago) and nothing else I have ever found has lasted as long as that monkey and I have never found another one or anything that measures up to it. Until now.
When I was contacted by Pet Projekt / Otomik to do a review on their pet toys I was pretty sure they would be more cheap toys that my dogs would destroy in minutes, but what the hell, I thought I would give anything a try anyway. More pieces of junk??? Not so! These are well made, and so far it’s been over a week and they still haven’t shredded them. But it’s OK if they do because they are safe, and non-toxic.
That's right, all of Petprojekt’s products have been rigorously tested for safety. All of the paint used on products for any and all decoration, is 100% lead free and 100% cadmium free. All squeaky toys, are 100% non phthalate, non PVC, meaning that the toxic chemical called phthalates, are not there.

The toys are stylized like cool stone Polynesian Gods! Squeeki Tiki™ toys are phthalate free and BPA free, so you can feel good about letting your dogs play the day away in “island style”! They come in a variety of colors and styles, and also small or large. My dogs give them 4 paws up!

They also carry other products and I am really loving these food and water dishes right now (Hear that Petprojekts/Otomik people?!?!?) Anyway, they will more than likely be my next pet purchase. Check them out!

And they carry other toys too. Is this not one of the cutest dogs you have ever seen??
Information from the Petprojekt site:
Small and Large sizes of Squeeki Tiki™ pet toys are safe non-toxic toys for puppies, small sized dogs and your beautiful big friends too! This cool Tiki dog toy will bring a taste of island life to your backyard or living room! Soft durable Bodies all squeek and are stylized like cool stone Polynesian Gods!

Small size toys: 7" x 1.75" x 1.25" to 7" x 1.65" x 2"
Large size toys: 9.8" x 2.3" x 3.4" to 10.5" x 2.7" x 2"

Pet Projekt / Otomik Products is a fun place to find unique toys and a whole slew of other products for your pets so head on over and check them out. You wont be sorry and your pet will thank you for remembering them this Christmas.

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You're right about the toys being torn to shreds. Humble, my pit bull puppy tears up everything! I have yet to find a toy that he can't tear up. I will have to look into this. Maybe this will be the toy!