Saturday, November 21, 2009

~~Sugar Apple Design Review~~

Super Christmas Gift Idea!!!!

What is a sugar apple? The Sugar Apple is popular throughout the tropics. A heart-shaped fruit with a consistency and sweet flavor akin to crème brulee, Sugar Apples may be found in local markets, but commercial production is on a very limited scale. They are a popular Caribbean dessert, eaten raw in fruit salads, ice creams, and drinks.

But wait......there is another sugar apple.....Sugar Apple Design. And they have the cutest clothing and accessories created in the Caribbean and made with a Caribbean flair!! Sugar Apple Design is an eco-conscious company, dedicated to using organic fabric, non-toxic inks, and printing on items made within the United States. All these things scream out quality to me and I you all know I love anything beach related or with the island feeling so I decided to check them out, then after I saw the product I knew it was a company worth talking about.

Look at these!!

Is that the cutest little onsies ever???

They also carry adult stuff~ look at these.

And towels, beach totes and bags:

I am always in the market for cute kids clothes. Between my kids, my grandkids and my nieces and nephews I am always buying something for someone and I usually go for clothes to be the practical one, but with things from Sugar Apple Design I can be practical and the kids will love them too!!

Shanda Chiumento is the artist and designer of Sugar Apple Designs. She creates them all, some are even hand printed! Here is a blurb from her site:

"It's only natural for me to create a line that reflects all of my experiences and inspiration along the way...each of my designs are thought- fully detailed to express my interpret-ation of my subject whatever it may be...from a fruit hanging from a a coki frog singing it's song in the evening... My concept is fun and simple, it is an expression of my appreciation for the caribbean enviroment in which I have grown and loved from a very young age, it's my turn to give back...enjoy!"

So go on over and check her out, you wont be sorry!!

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