Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~~Santa’s Classic Bell Gift Set Review~~

Super Christmas Ideas!!!!!!

I did a post a while ago about these totally awesome wedding bells that you can check out here if you want to. But today I have an even better one in my opinion. Same great company, same wonderful quality, but this time it is a genuine Santa's bell.

Information from Magical Bells Founder Christina Frueh: "We launched in November 2007 and the response to our products has been overwhelming. The reason why we created these products is because of our family's love of The Polar Express story. The Polar Express book has been an integral part of our family traditions each holiday season, snuggled up in our warm pajamas reading the heartwarming story together as a family. Four years ago my son sat on Santa's lap and asked for just one thing - a "Santa Bell" like the one from The Polar Express story. As you can imagine, I searched EVERYWHERE for an authentic Polar Express style sleigh bell. I found a lot of poor quality jingle bells, lightweight bell ornaments and bells claiming to be Polar Express Bells that didn't bear any resemblance to the bell in the story. What was a mom to do? I created my very own! Each of our bells are my exclusive design, and truly a labor of love."

Santa has been known to leave sleigh bells near the empty cookie plate in the homes he visits! Magical Bells are heirloom-quality, authentic sleigh bells, handcrafted from premium materials with superb craftsmanship. Far superior to jingle bells typically sold in stores, Magical Bells ring with rich, warm delightful tones. The classic design gives these bells genuine nostalgic appeal as universal symbols of simpler times, winter fun & holiday cheer. This bell measures 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" tall, weighs 2 ounces and comes with the brown leather reindeer harness attached within in a soft red velvet gift bag. You can never have too much MAGIC! Magical Bells capture the true spirit of the holiday season and are guaranteed to put a big smile on your loved one's face.

All holiday products are shipped in packages without markings that say Magical Bells since we realize that many of these are meant to be gifts from Santa. The ship from company name is Impact Factory, the parent company. They also do not brand our bells, gift bags or gift boxes as they want to keep all of the products as authentic as possible. Thank you for your interest in Magical Bells.

Another great idea is for those guys who do the Santa thing at Christmas time. Get them some new bells! The crystal clear sound and beautiful quality will make them a true believer in you!

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