Thursday, July 16, 2009

~~Magical Bells Review~~

OK, I am going to say two things and you tell me what is the same about them. Ready...

Weddings and The Polar Express. Can you guess what the connection is?

Photo courtesy of Art 4 Crafts by Graphic Garden

Times up!!! Do you know??

Here's a hint:

You got it..... wonderful jingling bells!!! I am not talking about those cheap "tinny" sounding bells they sell at the local craft store. No, I am thinking more of the joyful sounding bells that Santa has on his sleigh. You know the kind, they make you smile just hearing the first tinkling it makes, ones that are heirloom quality and not only look beautiful, but will last for years~~ maybe forever and are sure to inspire cherished memories.

I have to be honest, before I found out about Magical Bells I never really thought of having bells at a wedding. You know, besides the big church bells they ring at BIG weddings. But, this has got to be one of the cutest ideas I have EVER heard of. Christina Frueh has come up with the most wonderful ways for the bride to add a whimsical touch to HER day. I wish I had known about these when my daughters got married, I think they would have been just the perfect finishing touch. And these bells don't stop at just sounding good, oh no, they look beautiful and they come with the most adorable wedding ribbon on them. But wait, there is more. I know, I was thinking the same thing, what else could there be? Probably one of the best things about these keepsakes is that they come in their own little bag (1 of 3 designs shown below) to store the bell in or to display with it.

Here is some of her great ideas:
Bride and Groom Send Off - Imagine running through a gauntlet of bells!
Bells are also an excellent choice for send off locations that prohibit the use of items that require clean up. (or if you are worried about the effect of rice on birds)
Kissing Bells - Guests ring the bells when they want the bride and groom to kiss.
Toasting Bells - Guests ring a bell when they want to propose a toast.
Reception Escort & Seating Cards - Attach a gift tag or note card to the bell or gift bag to serve as escort cards as guests enter your reception or on the tables to serve seating arrangement cards.

Information about Magical Bells Founder Christina Frueh:
"We launched in November 2007 and the response to our products has been overwhelming. The reason why we created these products is because of our family's love of The Polar Express story. The Polar Express book has been an integral part of our family traditions each holiday season, snuggled up in our warm pajamas reading the heartwarming story together as a family. Four years ago my son sat on Santa's lap and asked for just one thing - a "Santa Bell" like the one from The Polar Express story. As you can imagine, I searched EVERYWHERE for an authentic Polar Express style sleigh bell. I found a lot of poor quality jingle bells, lightweight bell ornaments and bells claiming to be Polar Express Bells that didn't bear any resemblance to the bell in the story. What was a mom to do? I created my very own! Each of our bells are my exclusive design, and truly a labor of love."

So if you have been reading here for any time at all you know my daughters are like little vultures when the postman comes. When these bells came in the mail, my daughter immediately started asking for them. But, this time it wasn't one of the big girls. It was my 6 year old who said she LOVES the bells and wants to save it for her wedding. Yes, she is a girly girl who is already planning the big day. Her plans so far have me terrified of having to take out a second mortgage~~ hopefully they scale down a bit by the time it actually happens. But a girl can wish can't she!!

So go to Magical Bells and see what they have to offer. They are priced very affordable and the style options are very nice!! I think they are nice enough to even give as a wedding gift and although the pictures do not do them justice, I know they will be a treasured gift because they are so nice!

Remember to leave comments because one of these bells just might be in the items that one lucky reader is going to win (if ya didn't get the hint~~~one WILL be).

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Alicia said...

oh my gosh! we took our kids on the polar express two years ago for christmas and they LOVE the bells they got on the ride!