Thursday, February 12, 2009

~~Tattoo's Rock~~

Someone had some extremely rude comments on my Myspace page about women with tattoos (I have pictures of all of them there). At first I was totally offended and ready to go to war with them. Instead I decided that I really didn't care what anyone else had to say about it. Anybody surprised by that? I didn't think so.
My tattoos are an expression of who I am and nobody has the right to dictate what I will be except for me!! So haters of the world, this is my opinion and when it comes to my body, I really don't care if you don't like it.

I got my first tattoo at a drunken biker party. I say first, because they are 100% completely addictive. Everyone always says they will only get one. You may put it off, but someday, sometime, somewhere you will get another one. It is one of the better addictions that I have had and/or heard of.
I now have upwards of 10. All are tasteful and can be covered up if the need arises that I need them hidden.

It drives me nuts when people start talking about how in 40 years we will have hundreds of old women running around with saggy tattoos. Do you really care or are you just trying one more time to make people think tattoos are only for awful, mean, bad people who will kill you if you meet them in a dark alley? Only for drunken sailors or gangs? Why would anyone really care if I cover my body in ink if that is what I choose to do? If I don't care, why should anyone else? My opinion on it is that if my husband and I aren't bothered by them, then it really doesn't matter that when I am 60 I may have a whale on my leg instead of the cute little dolphin that is there now and so what if my frogs turn into dragons?

My daughter, who cries at the sight of a needle, got one of a fire helmet and dolphins to honor her father and myself. I think it was a sweet gesture. Another daughter got the name of her deceased son on her back, again a very sweet gesture.

I get them for a variety of reasons, the love of pain :-) (jk), things with meanings to me, things I really like, and as the next one will be, a tribute or memorial for my sweet grandchildren. I have always thought long and hard about what to permanently put on my body (well except for that biker party thing). Sometimes to the point of driving Jeff crazy because he is ready to be off to the tattoo shop and I just can't decide (we usually go together). I search the internet for weeks and find what I think I want, then make the changes to it to make it what I really want, which is sometimes a pretty ugly task because I am no artist. Thank God I have a couple great tattoo artists to help me out in this task.

So all the people that have all the negative to say about the tattoos of the world, SHUT UP, if you don't want to see them- don't look and finally, don't knock it until you try it, I can bet you won't stop with just one.

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I'm just the MOM said...

AMEN SISTER! I have tattoos...none that u can see unless I'm wearing a tank top or tube top. But anytime some people see it they look at me like I'm absolutely crazy. Who cares?! Thats me and if you don't like it, mind your business! LOL!!!