Sunday, February 22, 2009

~~2 Months Going On 2 Years~~

Trey is two months old and I can't believe how strong he is. When we put him down for tummy time he "army crawls" across his play mat. He also rolls all the way over and has for a couple weeks now and that was quite a surprise the first time he did it and about fell off the couch. He "talks" and laughs all the time and if someone will talk back with him he can go on for hours~~ to cute!!! He has held his head up since the day he was born and he is just getting so dang cute looking around and taking everything around him in. He is so aware of everything!! He has also learned how to copy someone when they stick their tongue out at him and he does it right back over and over so we know it isn't just a fluke when it happens. And then today, just when we thought he was slowing down, he got his first tooth~~ 2 months old and getting teeth. This kid is growing up way to fast!! Here is his new picture. Daddy is a die hard Yankee's fan so it only makes sense that Trey is too! (Well that and he can't dress himself yet so he wears what mommy & daddy want)


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Your lucky you have two great men in your life. My daughter rolled right off the couch when she was so little.

Wayne said...

hey guys great picture and the baby looks so cute