Monday, September 7, 2009

~~All Sorts of Random~~

I'm back (back) the fog has lifted
The earth has shifted and raised the gifted
You knew I'd be back so pack your bone
And hit the road jack cause daddy's home
With the funky hot rifs thick like Al Roker
Pumpin out hits Gettin chips like Oprah
Bitch I told ya, do not hate or question the music I make (uh)
(Kid Rock Forever Lyrics)

So the Farm Town and Sorority Life fog has finally completely lifted from my brain. I have been sick for the holiday weekend, but got some reviews done and will be posting them along with some great giveaways this week.
The kids are doing great. Amber is loving school, Libby will start next week and can't wait and Zeke is crawling like a little bug. He still would rather stand and walks around the edge of the furniture. It is kind of funny when he climbs up. You see two hands come up over the couch, then an eye, then another eye, then his cute little face all full of smiles pops up and he looks at you like "Look what I did!"

Zeke was being whiny the other day and Libby told him he was a crybaby. Jacki told her that she was a crybaby sometimes too. Libby looked up at her and said "Yea, but I am full of all kinds of cute too", nothing conceeded about her is there?

We have been trying to plan an end of the year camping trip and were not sure if we wanted to take the kids or not. I thought we had been good at staying on the down low about it, but Amber asked me Friday if we were going camping this weekend or next. I swear the child is like an FBI wire tapper at a Mafia birthday party, she hears EVERYTHING!!
I am totally amazed, and yes a little disgusted about the amount of time I have spent 0n Facebook playing games. BUT I own a large farm with 3 houses, barn, sheds, animals, trees and crops. I also have $37,000,000 plus on Sorority Life and own a ton of Hummers, Limos, cute clothes and other stuff. The problem is I can't find the damn cash out button. Anybody got an idea on that one??

Still going nuts with so many dogs. Any ideas on how to stop them from the stupid barking?? I say stupid because I don't mind if they bark when someone rings the bell, if they would do it once or twice. But no, these idiot dogs will look at who comes in and even if it is someone who lives here they continue to bark. Tao and Nala are trying to give the Baskerville Hounds a run for their money. Everytime Jeff leaves the house they stand at the door and howl. I am sure they are asking me to choke them to death at least that is what I hear coming out of them.

I thought this would be the week that my numbers hit the lottery. They didn't. Guess I should send more money with Max this week to get some more for me because I know it is going to happen. Shut up!! I will win the lottery and be able to retire to a beach somewhere to live.

Or maybe one of you wonderful people will tell me where that damn cash out button is......I am waiting...... I will share........I'm still waiting.......gonna keep waiting huh?!?!?
Well , back to work tomorrow. Sucks as usual. This is where I could go back t0 hoping for that lottery win. But instead I will say good night and everybody check back for cool stuff to win and of course all the wonderful (cough cough) stuff I have to say this week.


Christina said...

I think this is why I don't play Facebook games. Maybe I have an addictive personality. I'm afraid I'd never turn off the computer once I started.

~Mama Skates~ said...

hi! thx 4 visiting my blog...i hope u'll vote 4 me over at Mommy Wants Vodka - i'm entry #20 ;0)

what a big family! the bigger the better, right? i look forward 2 checking out more of ur blog!

Vaylene & Jordan said...

With Lilly I started squirting her with a water bottle. Sometimes if she didn't stop she would end up looking like she took a bath. It's hard to keep up with it because I always loose the darn water bottle and give up. But if you keep up with it, it works. Now I need to take my own advice and do it. It's hard following through every time.