Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~~Wild About FURR ME!!!!!~~

For those of you that know me in "real life" you know I have the most spoiled dog in the world. I love all my dogs even though some days I don't like some of them very much. Anyway....when I got Zoe I had seen everyone with their cute little tiny dogs in little outfits and that was my plan. So much for my plan.....when I got her she fit in my shirt pocket and all the cute little outfits were way to big for her. So I bought a few and waited for the day she could wear them. BUT, between the time she was tiny and sweet and the time she could have fit into them she became a beast and refused to let me out them on her. My sister in law has 2 Chi's that let her dress them and they look so dang cute and I am stuck with the beast who bites me every time I try and put one on her.....just my luck!
But in my search for the cutest outfits for my spoiled little brat I found a place called Furr Me and they have the cutest things for pampering your puppies.
They have all kinds of bedding and blankets

They have awesome spa type products for your dogs

They have super cute blanket/sweater sets

And they have the cutest hoodies!

I got this Zebra one and I absolutely love it!! I am trying to get Zoe used to it so she can wear it this winter. It is soft and very nicely made.

So go check them out and get something for your precious baby~~ they really are great!!

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Vaylene & Jordan said...

Oh I love them!!!! I want to get one! When I first tried to get Lilly to wear outfits I would put them on and she would just sit there and not budge a inch. Silly pup! Now she doesn't mind cuz she know's she stays toasty. Just keep trying and you never know!. They might just love them!