Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~~Facebook Is Evil~~

Did y'all miss me???

Shut up!! I know I am THAT important.

Give me a break- throw me a bone because I have had a horrible no good very bad week or so. I spent the last 10 days kidnapped by some mean girls and farmers.

Let me explain.

I have never been one for computer games and the ones I did play were card or word games. If someone had told me a month ago I would spend 72 hours straight playing games on Facebook I would have laughed in their face. Especially the "SIMS" type games. STUPID is what I have always called them. That is until my daughter begged me to join her on Sorority Life so she could have enough sisters to meet a challenge. She promised me I wouldn't have to play, just sign up and let it go at that.

Yeah right!!!

I signed up for her and didn't think about it for a few days, after all it was just a stupid game. Until I decided to look at it one day when someone sent me a "gift" on there.

I cannot believe it-- I was hooked. I didn't cook (well I rarely do that anyway), (I didn't watch TV, I didn't go outside except to go to work and come home. In fact for last weekend from Thursday when I got off work until Sunday night when I went to bed I didn't do ANYTHING except play games. It started out with Sorority Life, then I started Farm Town, Farmville and Mafia Wars. I couldn't stop. I jumped from one game to the next just waiting to build up my stamina and energy so I could go back to the one I left. For those 72 plus hours I didn't sleep, I didn't eat hardly at all, I didn't use the bathroom until it was almost an emergency and worst of all I neglected to blog. I missed a whole week of what ws happening in my bloggy friends lives. In other words I was a Facebook junkie!! I earned over 60 million dollars and spent a good 20 million between all of them. I owned stretch limo Hummers and BMW convertables. I took out Mafia king pins and I grew a garden, raised animals and built a farm/ranch like no other. I swear I could not stop.

Then my husband threatened me with an intervention. He threatened to take my computer away and shut down the internet. The kids climbed all over me trying to get my attention and I did a lot of nodding and uhuh when they asked a question.

I am still in shock that I even liked a game on there, let alone 4 of them.

But I have taken the advise from my family and gotten back on track. So keep coming by and see all the great things I have to review and giveaway in the next few weeks.
I will try and stay on track.

My name is Trina and I am a Facebook addict.


Heather said...

Hilarious! I know exactly what you mean! I'm addicted to Farm Town, Town Ville, and Restaurant City. We've missed precious time outside because I was playing. Speaking of which, I better go check on my farms!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That's why I refuse to check any of those out. I just know it would be bad news for me!

Our Crazy Life said...

hmmmm Town Ville and Restaurant City..... Haven't tried those....

Rabacal said...

If you want some really fun games (that have an ending) try the Nancy Drew games from Her Interactive. They are the best! You can even play them with your kids and they will actually learn something. When a new game comes out my husband just knows he won't have me available for a few days but then the game ends and I am back to the daily grind. Check them out: