Thursday, January 8, 2009

~~Edition 2 of My Rantings~~

I saw this article a few days ago about a British couple that recently delivered a second set of fraternal twins.

While multiples like that by itself was unusual, what was fascinating about these children is that in each pair one was light skinned and the other dark skinned ~ each taking physical characteristics from different parents.
The story made me think of my sweet Baby Zariah. The most beautiful Haitian Angel in Heaven and a comment that was made about her death.
There was a conversation about bi-racial couples between several people including Person “Q” and I said I wouldn’t care if all of my children fell in love and married a person from a different ethnic or racial background. Person Q was shocked.
She is of my mother’s generation and still feels races should not ‘mix.’ I asked her why.
Her main rationale was that by ‘mixing the races,’ any offspring wouldn’t know what at least half of their family looked like and that Zariah’s death could have been caused by the racial mixture or “make up” of her. I tried to wrap my head around that reasoning of the first part to give her the benefit of the doubt and I think she was saying that if these children grew to favor their ‘other’ side of the family, part of their heritage would be lost? I think, but who the hell knows. BUT THEN…… I realized that she had said that our sweet angel died because her parents are of different races and they could have prevented it by not having her and I lost it!!
I pointed out to her that two of her children strongly favored her and one looks very out of place for that family. They are all dark haired, quite tall and thin. one is red haired, light blue to hazel colored eyes, the shortest of his family (even at 6’1”) and while not fat in the least, he is not a “stick boy” (sorry Jordan, I never should have called you that!)
I next “politely” (yeah, NOT) pointed out that anyone with half a brain would know that cancer is not caused by “racial mixing” any more than it is caused by chocolate milk. Cancer is a horrible, nasty thing to have to deal with for anyone, especially new parents that have to decide to let their baby go back to Heaven and leave the earthly body that is in so much pain and is suffering so much. NOBODY would ever consider doing something like giving their baby cancer if they could prevent it, even if it meant not being with someone they love. I guarantee it, I can prove it and you can’t tell me any different. I have lived it and I know both parents would have given up anything for that little girl. Even giving their own life if that is what it would take, they love her more than they love life itself!!
It shut her up, but not for long. We went back to the way “mixed” kids look. Like all kids should look alike or what??? Wouldn’t that be a boring world to live in!! I think my biracial grandchildren are beautiful, I think my non-biracial (is that a word?) grandchildren are beautiful. The mix of the skin colors, eye colors, hair colors, even personalities are wonderful and I couldn’t think of anything I would rather have than my mixed up little bunch. Finally I gave up and decided I would never win the argument, but I know I was right anyway!!!
Now, using the same reasoning, looking at my kids you would think I made them from kits. Have I done irreparable harm to my kids’ psyche by having dominate genes? Should I have search harder for a potential mate with the same physical family traits, the same height, hair and eye coloring, facial structure, blah, blah, blah? Should my children have chosen mates the same way? I say HELL NO!! I have said it before and I will say it again “I love my little united nations”.
Does it really matter who your children look like? Is is not more important what their character is, rather than their characteristics? Maybe some people should think about that question and then again, just maybe some people should think before they open their mouth!!

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