Thursday, January 15, 2009

~~The Fashion Police~~

I have a big mouth about a lot of things and usually say things that get me in trouble before I think about what I said. But I never offer beauty advice, marriage counseling, political views, religion comments, parenting tips or driving suggestions ?
I don’t offer beauty advise because I’m doing good if I get my hair combed in the morning and get to work on time. It helps that I own two pair of pants that fit and I wear one of 3 pair of gym shoes every day. Then all I have to do is pick out one of several t-shirts to wear and I’m off and running. Some mornings I am so tired I just grab whatever is closest and hopefully get it on right side out. I don’t offer marriage counseling advice because I know nothing about that either. I just happened to find an amazing man who puts up with my crap and treats me like a princess.
I don’t talk about political views either. I don't understand politics and will never pretend to. I know there is a vote and I know the government runs, I have no idea how. I don't talk about religion because that is between me & God and I don't care what other people think about it. I drive like I am in a NASCAR race and really shouldn't give any advise on that. Another thing I never give advice about? Fashion and style.

YEP!!! I let my girls dress how they want, they are a bit eccentric and love to dress in their own "style". And yes we do get strange looks at the store when the 4 year old has a dressy dress and snow boots, but who cares, they are happy and loving life.

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