Monday, January 12, 2009

OK so I missed a day. I decided quality is better than quantity so I may not get 30 posts in for 45 days, but they will be more fun to read (I hope)!

The "Not Me Monday" has been around a while on several blogs and I was invited to join it. So on Mondays I will be blogging about things I would NEVER do in a MILLION years, EVER, yeah EVER!!!

So here goes, In the past week......
1.I DID NOT let a 4 year old get in bed with me because I was too tired to get up and put her back in her own bed.
2. I DID NOT stay up all night watching TV and let Jeff take care of the kids the next morning while I slept.
3. I DID NOT tell a 6 year old she could have a cupcake for breakfast so I could sleep an extra 20 minutes.
4. I DID NOT pretended I didn't hear someone asking me something so I wouldn't have to do it.
5. I DID NOT threatened Jeff with killing off his dog if it barks, bites, poops or gets anywhere near me again.
6. I DID NOT spend money on a video game I could not afford to keep the family peace.
7. I DID NOT tell Jeff to go ahead and take my car to go to his brothers, knowing it was out of gas and he would have to fill it up.
8. I DID NOT act like I enjoyed what was made for dinner, even though it was horrible.
9. I DID NOT speed up to prevent the jackass, who sped around everyone farther back on the road, from getting in where the road construction started.
10.I DID NOT tell my nursing director and another coworker that they needed to get a room because looking at their "touchy, feeling, yuck"!! was making me sick.
Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

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