Friday, January 9, 2009

~~ My Rants # 3~ Love Your Kids~~

OK so I am getting a late start today. I spent the day baking cupcakes and cookies with the little girls and they loved it. The cupcakes are not frosted perfectly and it took an hour to clean all the sprinkles up, but gee did they have a blast and everyone loves that they thought to make everyone in the family their own special one all on their own!
I've been in a couple stores lately and seen some parents that I was quite ashamed of so I guess my rant for today will be people who don't do things with their kids and kids that act like jackasses because of it. I know it is easy to sit them in front of a TV and ignore them, let the neighbors take care of them, or even worse, let them tend to themselves without supervision BUT, it is so much more fun to get off the couch and do little things with them to make them that special bond with them. I see people in the stores or at the movies, or wherever, that have kids running around, touching everything, screaming, having tantrums and pretty much doing anything to get some attention, even negative attention~~ anything to get mom or dad to notice they are alive. I feel bad for these kids and wonder how bad they are at home if they act like that in public. I don't know if I have just been lucky or what, but my kids all know that if they act up in public we go straight to the car and they do not EVER get what they were wanting. I have had very, very few episodes like that and everyone I can think of was because of the child being so tired and cranky they just couldn't be reasoned with. I have had strangers comment on how well behaved my kids are for years. I just say thank you and go on because I see it as everyday behavior and not anything special. Don't get me wrong, my kids have melt downs and they are far from perfect, but they do know how to act in public and do quite well if I say so myself.
To the people who let their kids run around destroying everything in sight, I just have to say....give your kids a little "good" or positive attention all the time and they wont have to act up to get it in public. Kids love to know they are special little people and will act just as you wish if they know they are going to have your attention later and they don't have to act up to get it.
And to the "mean" parents out there, please don't yell at, criticize, belittle or strike your kids in public. It is embarrassing for them and for everyone around, when in reality it should be embarrassing to you. You don't look cool, you don't sound like super dad or mom, you just sound plain ignorant.
These little people are not your employees to boss around and or your little army to give orders to, they are your children. With minds ready to learn and characters to be molded into the adults you want them to be someday. Treat them with respect and they will give it back. Don't say something mean to them and then turn to the person in the isle next to you and say "excuse me" to get by or smile at the person walking past you. Your children should be treated with at least the same courtesy as strangers.. don't you think?? It takes only a minute to give them a positive comment, a quick smile or a pat on the back and the result is a happy, well behaved, likable child who everyone enjoys being around.
Think about it next time you feel like screaming at your kid in public, give them a kind word instead and see how much further you get.
Remember~~ Love your children unconditionally, they will decide what nursing home you will live in!!

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