Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~~She said WHAT??~~

Amber doesn't want to have babies. She has made this quite clear. But up to now nobody knew why (or probably nobody had asked).
She was playing dress up and I told her she looked like a bride. She said she couldn't be a bride because she wasn't going to have any babies. I told her that you can still get married and not have kids. She said "Well I might get married and adopt some". I told her that was fine, but then questioned why, if she wanted to get married and have kids, why she didn't want to have her own babies. She looked at me like I was a complete and utter idiot and asked, "Do you know how they get out of there?"
Apparently she had been watching "A Baby Story" with Jacki and got a little too much information for a 6 year old.

Libby was watching TV and she turned to me and said "He is so hot!" I kind of chuckled and asked if she knew what that meant and she said "Yeah, he is like the man of my dreams". (She is only 4) I think she is growing up way to fast!!! (She also has a crush on Jaycee's husband and thinks he is "So Cute!!")

I was pretty upset and a little teary the other day. Libby walked over and gave me a hug. She asked what I was crying for and I told her I was a little upset but everything was OK. She looked up so sincere and asked "Do you need me to spank someone for you?" She is always so sweet and wants to take care of me all the time

My girls say so many funny things, they are a laugh a minute and can always get me to smile, no matter how upset I am with them. Maybe they should be comedians for a living?!?!?!?

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