Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~~April Fools Pranks~~~

I love April Fools Day, I am a jokester at heart. Today I went all out and now I am pretty nervous about what my payback is going to be.

First I called my house to let them know I was in an accident on the way to work and my 6 year old figured out I was trying to fool her. Round 1-Failure!!

Second my co-conspirator and myself went into all the offices near us and put a tiny piece of tape on the bottom of all the wireless mouse's (hmmmm would that be mice??? Oh well whatever) so that everyone thought their computer were screwed up. Worked about 90% of the time so Round 2- Success. By the way, the IT department was not very happy so we didn't let them know who did it.

Next I made Oreo's last night to take to work today with a surprise filling. I always have candy or cookies on my desk for treats to anyone who drops by my office. I carefully scraped the filling out and refilled it with a toothpaste and crisco blended with corn starch mixture and put them on my desk for my unsuspecting visitors. It worked well so Round 3- Success.

Last thing I tried for the day was making jokes about what may or may not be in the food that was being made for dinner. Everyone was pretty nervous and joking back, but in the end they decided I wouldn't do anything to kill them so they all ate so Round 4-Failure.

I guess a half success day isn't bad. Wish I had more time to do things today, but my Chihuahua is having puppies tonight and I have been busy with her. She seems to be taking forever to really get something going, we might be off to the vet for some intervention. And no that part is not a April Fools joke!!!


Krystyn said...

Wow! You're a meanie! I'm not a big fan.

Stop by my're a winner.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I'm not much of an april fool's fan, but I am a huge dog lover ... Do you now have puppies??