Saturday, April 25, 2009

~~Small Talk Six 4/25~~

Today's Small Talk Six is 6 things other people do that make you personally uncomfortable. Here is my list:

1. When someone I am with or nearby me treats a waitress/server bad it makes me feel bad for the person being treated badly and embarrassed for the person giving the treatment. Do I say something or let it go? I just really don't know what to do except tip big to make up for it somehow!

2. When grown adults talk baby talk to each other. If your gonna do it, stay home and save the rest of us from having to hear your "little wittle convo" with you "lamby whamy" or "lovey wovey". UURRGGGGGG

3. I feel very uncomfortable when someone I don't know feels the need to touch me while they are talking to me. I am not a touchy person anyway and to have someone who I don't know and haven't a clue where their hands have been really creeps me out.

4. Don't get me wrong, I love a sexy outfit now and again, especially at a club or somewhere like that. And I love to see beautiful people (men & women), but people who are hanging out at Walmart or walking in public places with their boobs, butt or even worse hanging out makes me want to ask them to cover up. See through things are sexy in the bedroom too, but not so much when I am walking through the mall with my kids.

5. I feel really uncomfortable when people feel the need to belittle or "over" correct their children in public. Kids are so impressionable and to embarrass them in front of other people is so wrong. Tell them how you feel, what the consequences will be if they don't stop what they are doing or even take them out to the car and have a "talk" with them or their little butt. BUT please don't call them stupid or other demeaning names or hit them in front of me. I feel like I should tell people to stop what they are doing, but I don't want to step in where it is not any of my business or tell anyone else how to raise their kids so I just try not to watch and feel bad for the kid. Oh, and hope they grow up to know better.

6. Last for this topic I guess I would say is having to talk in public. I always feel like I am going to screw up and say something wrong or burp or something else equally as embarrassing. When I am in a group I try to stay on the fringe of things and keep my mouth shut. UNLESS I am in a group I know well and then you can't shut me the hell up!!!

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Christina said...

I hate when people I don't really know touch me too. I am not a touchy-feely person. I can't stand people you hardly know walking right up and slapping a big 'ol hug on you. Grrr!