Friday, April 24, 2009

~~Blog Fart Fridays~~

Jaci(pronounce that Jackie or she will eat your face off... or maybe she said cry a little) over at Ravings of a Mad Housewife came up with a blog farts idea. She describes it as this: Blog Farts – noun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half assed, post. see also: memes, surveys. These are mine for this week.

1. Someone walked into my house yesterday in the middle of the day with my dogs barking and stole my daughter's safe with all her gold coins, cash from her husband's inheritance (way too much money to keep at home in my opinion, but who am I to judge?), all of their prescriptions and a check for a remodel job he had just finished (for another outrageous amount of money). Who has that kind of balls??? Obviously since they left the 2 laptops and the flat screen TV sitting there, they knew what they were after which means they are a "friend" of family member. That goes to a whole new level of ick!! All I can say is I hope the insurance pulls through and Karma is a bitch!!

2. Why is it that no matter how many times I sing my heart out in the car, I still sound like ass or maybe something like a wart hog in pain or heat? I can belt out Kid Rock's All Summer Long like no tomorrow, but if he heard me he would surely dig his ear drums out with a crochet hook.

3. Speaking of Kid Rock, why does everyone think I am a nut job for liking him?? I always go for the "bad boys" and the rugged type, he is 6 years younger than me (our birthdays are one day short of 6 years apart) and happily married, but I would jump right in that 59 drop top blood red Cadillac with him and be off west to be a cowboy with him in a heart beat. Yeah, like it would ever happen, but a girl can dream right??

4. I think there is a higher power that has something against me exercising. My very well stocked exercise room has turned into a storage room since my storage room has turned into a bedroom so that is out. I thought every day all week I would go out and walk around the neighborhood or the high school track since the weather has been in the 60's and 70's all week, yet something came up every night after work and I couldn't go, but today when I have all the time in the world it is rainy and the wind is blowing like a tornado is coming in.

5. Why do all the channels I like to watch show the same shows over and over and over? There is well over 100 episodes each of CSI, Law & Order, First 48, Paranormal and other things I like, but they show the same 10-15 ones over and over until I can repeat them word for word. I have horrible insomnia and they are the only shows I like to watch all night, but I am really getting tired of it. Does anyone have a suggestion of something to watch in the wee hours of morning?

6. And last but not least this week, why will my girls pick every tulip, daffodil and every other "real" flower in my yard, but they leave all the dandelion's? They are so proud when they bring them in to me I can't yell at them, but I just can't get through to them no matter what I try to explain. Oh well, precious moments and all that jazz......


Jaci said...

I think you're right about #1. It had to be someone who knew that money was there. I regular thief would have taken more.

My daughter picks the dandelions out of the yard, but she thinks they're daffodils. If I told her they were just weeds I'm sure she wouldn't touch them. :)

Shelli (wishes she was) Mrs. Burchett;) said...

Kid Rock...*sigh*

Brindi said...

We should do a duet! I love to sing loudly in the car, and my kids tell me I'm terrible. Karaoke - me, you - any song by Kid. We will tear the place up.

Krystyn said...

The exercise thing for me...when I tell somebody I'm going to do it, it happens. So tell your hubby, your kids, etc.

And, the flower thing is hilarious!

Brandy said...

That's just awful about your daughter! And I agree it was someone who knew they kept that kind of stuff in the house. Karma is a bitch...

And Kid Rock is just alright. I prefer men who wash their hair.

The Wrenns said...

I hear ya on Kid Rock--I'm all about the naughty boys, too.

Ryan, Corrie, and Max said...

Dude. (yes, I just said dude.) I'd never heard of Blog Fart Fridays until today, but a what a great idea! I was thinking early that I should do a post with just a random list of things, because each of them is even shorter than your paragraphs!
The thief thing sucks. I know how you feel, to a point though. Last year our apartment got broken into, and they took all my "real" jewelry, among other things. But LEFT the DVDs and TV. *insert derogatory name here*


mrandmrsryankolbe @

Shawn said...

Over from Jaci's also. That is horrible about your daughter. I had a 'kick and grab' happen once. That's what the police called it anyway. Kick in the door and grab all the stuff.

Leaves you with a totally sick feeling.

Naddez said...

Children don't fully understand that plucking mommy's flowers from the garden are not acceptable.
I think that they just think that mommy is special and that she deserves a pretty flower!:)