Tuesday, April 14, 2009

~~ A Whole Lot Of Sad!!~~

We have had a whole lot of sad at our house this week. Our female puppy was not really growing so we took her to the vet for her 2 week check up a little early and they found a very bad heart murmur that would be fatal eventually so we had to put her down so she wouldn't suffer. It broke the little girls hearts, but we told them that Zariah needed a puppy in Heaven and it helped a little bit.
They got new bikes from the Easter Bunny and Libby took off the end of her toe so she has been hurting too.
So anyway, I was on the internet looking for something fun for them to do to cheer them up and I found this clip. She is really funny so I thought I would share it with all of you. I am listing 2 more really cool giveaways this weekend so check back!! Now without further waiting, meet Mrs. Hughes!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

that is so sad and heart breaking
hope everyone makes peace that the pup is in a happy place.