Thursday, May 21, 2009

~~Child to Cherish Discount Code~~

Looking for the PERFECT baby shower gift? Can't quite find something that seems special enough for you sweet niece or nephew's birthday present? Want to buy your child a unique Christmas present that they will cherish for their lifetime? Or do you want just the greatest gift you can ever give? Come with me to Child to Cherish !!
Child to Cherish has unique gifts and keepsakes for any and ever occasion…

Child to Cherish ''A Block To Grow On''. This beautiful ceramic cube is a unique way to start a savings and chart your baby's growth for the first year. Records all of your child's milestones. Weight and height for each month plus first smile, first tooth, first word. This beautiful ceramic cube bank is a unique way to start a savings and chart your baby's growth for the first year.

Jacki got one of these blocks at her baby shower for Ezequiel and it is her very favorite thing she got. And let me tell you her awesome friends got her some great stuff!! When I got one in the mail for review from the great Child to Cherish collection my girls started arguing over who was going to get pregnant next so they could have it!

Designed by Patrice Lowe, Child to Cherish offers the finest collection of unique, yet functional children’s keepsakes and gifts. Each item in the collection is created to capture precious moments in time to preserve the innocence of a child.

The Child to Cherish collection includes “Original”Handprint Kits, Christening Gifts, baby books, an array of novelty banks,gift baskets, organic baby gifts and more.

Child to Cherish has offered a 10% discount to any of my readers who would like to get something off this great site. Just use the code tltperry on the order form. Trust me ladies, this site has got some wonderful stuff, you will not be disappointed!!

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