Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~~My Beautiful Scribble It Wall~~

I can't believe it was so easy!!

Scribble It has a very large online store with a lot of nice, sleek and stylish wall art. You will spend a lot of time going back and forth through all their designs to try to find your favorite. They are all beautiful, and affordable. What an easy and cheap way to make a room go from blah to fab! You can also get customized items made especially for you and your family. These are so cool and when you get them up on the wall, it looks like you have had a professional designer in your home.

First we washed the wall really good. We had a little trouble getting the backing off of the vinyl, but found that if we pulled the backing off in a kind of back and forth rocking motion it came off better. If we got to a place that was a little stubborn, Jeff pressed on it from the front and it came off just fine.

Next he put it up on the wall. The directions say to use a level and masking tape, but my husband thinks he doesn't need those kind of things. He did get it on straight so I guess he doesn't, but don't tell him he was right, I don't want to ruin my record! If it were up to me I would suggest using the tape and a level to make it perfect!

Next he rubbed the whole thing quite firmly with his hand and a credit card, making sure it was attached well to the wall and getting all of the bubbles out.

Then he started slowly peeling the transfer paper off using the same back and forth rocking motion. We figured since it worked well on the other part it would work here and it made it very simple.

After he was done taking the transfer paper off he went over the whole thing again with his palm to make sure that there were no bubbles or places that were lifting.

With all that completed we were left with a beautiful "Family brings you home" wall saying in a wonderful chocolate brown.

If you want to see a demonstration you can go to the Scribble It site and there is a video tutorial that is very informative and easy to follow!!

Is that not awesome looking?? It looks classy and like I hired someone to come in and do it. And trust me, I am not all that talented at any type of crafty stuff, but this was so easy!!!

I would definitely be willing to do my whole house with Scribble It because it’s so easy and it looks incredible like a professional did it. I really can't say enough about how great this looks! I have been wanting to get some of these for a long time, but every time I find someone who does them the price was outrageous.
Not at Scribble It though! Prices I can afford and a product that looks awesome on my walls!
Cammi at Scribble It was super nice and easy to work with and I will be working with her A LOT!!!! She is going to be taking some of the summer off to do stuff with her kidos, but check her site out and get those orders in to her.

PS Hint to my family This is what I want for Christmas & my birthday this year ;-)


Katy said...

I absolutely love these. It's a great way to transform a room in the house without damaging the walls.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have a lot of this stuff around my home. I love words...

Christina said...

That looks great!

pixilation said...

The chalk it up decals are a great idea for little artists!

pixilation said...

The chalk it up decals are a great idea for little artists!