Thursday, May 21, 2009

~~Mutsy Discount Code~~

If you are looking for the most awesome stroller you can find, that can be used for years with added accessories. I have found it! Not only that, but highchairs, seats, and bassinets. Come on and let's check out the MUTSY site!!

Information from the MUTSY site:
Mutsy, originally founded as Mutsaerts in 1935, got its start building traditionally styled prams. Initially serving the Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the idea of portability and comfort were critical given these countries’ emphasis on walking. The result was larger than normal, full swivel wheels to provide exceptional maneuverability and a smoother ride for baby.
Mutsy is known for not only a line with great design but great functionality as well.
The Mutsy collection is expertly designed to meet parents' every need with a unique modular system that is extremely flexible.
Mutsy is sold in components so parent can buy the frame only, the frame and seat only, frame and bassinet, etc., etc. An intelligent click mechanism allows for component to be easily interchanged with a single movement. This flexible system also allows for a child to grow with the stroller for years.

Slider~~ A new, innovative and more convenient and compact mobility system from Mutsy featuring high quality fabric with a sophisticated look on a unique two part frame.

The 4Rider collection: Interchangeability at its best, the collection includes the contemporary minimalist styled 4 Rider, the sporty 4Rider Light and the 4Rider "Next" with its sleek leather handle.

4Rider~~ Mutsy's signature modern style with edgy, single spoked wheel. The minimalist profile of the 4Rider was designed to allow full, unencumbered access to the basket. It provides a unique and easy fold with an easy to engage folding mechanism.

4Rider Next~~ The 4Rider "Next" offers the extraordinary functionality and cutting edge style of the 4Rider with the addition of a fashionable leather handle.

4Rider Light~~As the name implies, this lighter weight version of the 4Rider features durable rubber tires on jaunty spoked wheels. A quick and easy fold, single hand adjustable handle and large accessible basket make 4Rider Light ideal for both outdoor and urban use.
Spider~~Revolutionary in design technology. Featuring an extremely unique 3 wheel design. Folds into an incredibly compact unit. Great for travels with baby anywhere and everywhere.
Grow Up!!~~ The most stylish and comfortable seat at the table for baby. This chic little booster seat features a clever harness to ensure baby is fastened safely

Cargo Range~~New for 2009 is the exclusive Cargo range. The Cargo fabrics are sumptuous and luxurious, yet durable and easy to clean; a great combination for toddlers. The Cargo's full size bassinet is ideal for transporting infants, as it attaches to any Mutsy Rider frame from the bottom cot. The bassinet features a strong handle to carry a sleeping baby, a mattress pad and cover and several zip storage compartments for baby's essentials. The full size hood is protective for a newborn, keeping sun and elements away from baby and can easily be removed when using indoors.

JOEY SEAT AND BASSINET~~The ultra chic "Joey" bassinet and seat is also offered for the Mutsy 4Rider range. Designed in a modern combination of silver and black, "Joey" is contemporary fashion at it best.

Babysitter rocker frame
Step Up Board
Nursery Bag
Rain covers
Dinner tray
Grow Up! booster seat
Easy Grow high chair
New for this year are new colors and ample sized shopping basket that comes on and off the stroller.

The MUTSY company has offered a 10% discount to any of my readers who would like to try one of these great systems!! Just use the code ltpermuto on any order to receive the discount.

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