Saturday, May 30, 2009

~~Kindergarten Graduation~~

My daughter Amber and grandson Xadrian graduated from Kindergarten last week. I don't really remember Kindergarten ending for me, but I know that when my older kids "graduated" from Kindergarten they just had the last day of school and then went to first grade. No big deal. Not anymore!! Of course we had to buy roses, everyone else did and I didn't want them to feel left out or anything. And then we had to go to lunch afterwards because "everyone else was" and I couldn't embarrass them by not showing up. But let me tell you about the graduation itself.

First they hired a choreographer to help them with a dance program. I am not saying it wasn't nice- in fact it was damn good and I was very impressed at how good they did, but these are 5 and 6 year olds. Do they really need a professional dance coach to teach them all these dances?
They had speeches and recognition gifts for the teachers aids.

Then they did the whole walk across the stage and accept the diploma thing, shaking hands with the teacher and the principal.

Then they sold DVD's of the dance program, which of course I HAD to buy! They also sold yearbooks. For Kindergarten......please.

I guess it was cool, but I feel kind of sad. Why? Because my high school graduation wasn't that big. All we did was walk and get the diploma. I think I was gypped in the woot woot department. Maybe I should go back to school???


Queen-Size funny bone said...

It is cute but it never ends. when they start this young it is hard to top each year, trying to big bigger and better. By time they reach high school they need more than flowers, their looking for a car.

Jennai said...

Yearbooks for Kindergarten,huh? We didn't even have one for Middle School when I was in that! I guess a class picture doesn't bring in enough $$$.