Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~~BooJee Beads Pink Ribbon ID necklace/laynyard Review~~

So I have gotten a few things to review this week. Check them out and see what I think (I know you care what I think so don't play that way).
First we have a Pink Ribbon ID necklace/lanyard. Let me tell you it is AWESOME!! I work in a hospital that requires we wear or name badges in sight at all times. For the past 20 years I have done everything possible to get out of doing that just because the dumb lanyards they give us are UGLY!! But now I am going to wear my badge with pride with my Pink Ribbon lanyard. I am a cancer survivor and I can't think of a more appropriate way to show it off at work! I do have tattoos that have a pink ribbon and the word survivor, but the powers that be frown upon me showing off tattoos at work. Here is a little information from the BooJee Beads site.

"This lanyard was designed to honor the fight against breast cancer. Handcrafted with glass seed beads in shades of pink, rose and gray crystal. Simply stunning! With every purchase of this pretty pink ribbon seed beaded necklace, BooJeeBeads donates 10% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society for research and efforts to find a cure. This beaded lanyard features a magnetic breakaway clasp and comes with a clear pouch to hold your ID horizontally or vertically."

They also have a ton of other designs to choose from and they are all super cute!! I whole heartedly recommend going to visit BooJee Beads and find one you love or one for a gift. They are high quality and you won't be sorry!!


Alicia said...

Those are way cute and I love what they stand for!

candice said...

I really like these. I like to show my surport when it come to breast cancer

candice said...

I follow