Friday, June 5, 2009

~~Party Like A Rockstar Baby!~~~

Apparently this morning while I was in a coma (my 4 hours of mostly interrupted sleep) Amber asked me if she could have a party today and apparently I told her yes.
So all day she kept asking me if we could go to the store and get her party supplies. I asked her what all she thought we would need and she came back a few minutes later with this list:

She drew pictures of what she wanted to buy with little boxes to check them off. You can't figure it out?? I couldn't either so let me help you out. 1. cookies 2. balloons 3 drinks 4. candy 5. ice cream 6. cake. I know, it isn't the best spelling, but she was trying and hurrying before I could come up with a reason to say no.
Trying to put her off a bit, I told her it was kind of short notice to invite people so she went back in her room and came back with this:

She had listed everyone in the house with a little box next to their name and she checked them off during the day every time she invited someone.

I went outside to take some things to the trailer I am getting ready for camping in 2 weeks and when I came in, this was hanging on my wall with a few tacks.

Need help again?? It is a "party poster" that says "party its fun" and I have no clue who the picture is of, but the sure need to learn to color coordinate or something!!
At this point I got the picture that she wasn't giving up on this and we would be having a party today.

So this afternoon we went off to the Dollar Tree and grocery store. She had the first list she made with her and she marked things off as we put them in the cart.
Her concentration as she searched the store for what she wanted was a little weird since usually she has a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time, but she was on a mission and nobody was stopping her. (Sorry I forgot the camera when we went to the store, but you can use your imagination here)

With her shopping finally done and much to her relief the debit card having been approved we were off to home (I had been telling her we didn't have money so they might make us put things back~ I know, not nice, but oh so fun).
I made her wait until after dinner so my picky child who usually takes 45 minutes at the very least and lots of bribing, threatening and at times yelling, ate in 3.4 seconds and started "putting her party up".

We had oatmeal cookies with drizzled icing, frosted animal cracker cookies, peanut butter bars with chocolate frosting, macadamia nut and white chocolate chip cookies, cake, cherry Koolaid and last but not least balloons~ after all what is a party without balloons????

She made sure everyone was done with their dinner they went and got everyone to come in the kitchen after they had "set up" (this included setting the cookies on the plate and cutting the cake~ so funny!)

She thanked everyone for coming and Jacki asked her why we are having a party and she said "It is for everything mama does, a party for her".

How freaking sweet was that?? What a sweet kid! Even after I tried to talk her out of it all day she still wanted to have a party for me! I love that kid!

During the party Libby asked me if I was "enjoying myself and having a good time" and I assured them I was after all their hard work. Then they went off to play and I got to clean up the "party". Somethings never change do they?!?!?


Heather said...

That is so sweet! She has a future in party planning I am sure!

Anonymous said...

This IS adoreable.. these are moments I can't wait to have with my daughter/first born!