Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I don't know about any of you, but my girls go through a whole box of bandages for a tiny scratch. It drives me nuts and I threaten to never buy them again. I guess it is the thought of having a "new" bandage is cool, can't be sporting a dirty one now can they??

BUT I have found the solutions!! Yep, some handy dandy, don't need a new one every ten minutes, cute as can be, perfect size for little hands cut, scrape and scratch coverings.

Ouchies Bandages. Are they not the cutest??? With all the different designs in each package your child can chose the one they like and then keep it on to show it off.

Their site says "Hide your wound, not your style. Down with beige bandages baby!" How cute is that??
They come in BOYS styles:

GIRLS styles:

And these super cool BLANK ones that come with 3 little markers to make your own design:

Soon to have
BAND-AGES (band names) styles.

Libby has actually had one on her knee for the WHOLE DAY!!! Never, ever has this happened before and she has had to show everyone who comes around her how cute it is. Hey, whatever works right?

These awesome little tins come with 20 bandages in each one and you can buy them straight from the company or at dozens of retail outlets which are listed on their website.

The wonderful people at Ouchies sent me one of each kind to try out, but I thought I would keep one and share the rest with my readers. So if you would like to have your own tin of either the BOY or BLANK style just leave me a comment about what you think about Ouchies is cool after going here to check them out.

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notworthwriting said...

i lik the funkey monkey....would love to have the blank ones...

notworthwriting said...

i follow you...

Belinda M said...

I love that they are geared towards certain age groups and that they look cool

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:"

Belinda M said...

I follow

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:"

colton said...

i like the blank one

colton said...

i follow you

Lund7 said...

With 5 kids, we go through LOTS of bandages!! We would love either the blank or the boy ones!

I already follow you!

I also have your button on my blog!!

Thanks for offering such great giveaways!!

Xenia said...

I think it's cool that Ouchies was started by a dad that was disappointed that he could only find boring beige bandages at the store for his daughter. I would love the blank ones, how neat!


Anonymous said...

My daughter loves the teenage girl bandaids because she thinks they resemble tatoos!

Lee said...

Makes a boo-boo feel better. The girl ones are cute.