Saturday, June 13, 2009

~~Gator Gripper Giveaway~~

Gator Gripper Giveaway.... say that fast 5 times. Do you know that statistically 63% of you just tried that? And did you know that statistic was 100% made up? Oh well, it sounded good.

So anyway enough of my attempt at being funny. Have you ever heard of Gator Grippers?
Me either until recently when I ran across it on the internet. At first I thought "I don't think I would ever use that", but I asked Amber and she thought it was a cool idea. So I contacted Fern at the Gator Gripper company and kased about their product. She so graciously sent me several of them. I have opened one and you can see the girls think it is pretty cool. It has settings for front teeth and back teeth and if the tooth is not ready to come out, the Gator Gripper just slips off the tooth. It is so much easier than trying to grab onto those tiny teeth or getting a string around it.

From the Gator Gripper Site:
Squeeze the handle (gator's head) and place on a loose "baby tooth." Gripping tip should be next to the child's gum tissue. Release pressure on the handle. This will squeeze the "baby tooth" - often popping the tooth into the gator's tail! If not, gently wiggle the GatorGripper® until the tooth is removed.

The GatorGripper® will only remove loose "baby-teeth." If the tooth is not ready to be removed, then the GatorGripper® will simply slide off of the tooth. In this situation try GatorGripper® another day.

One of the advantages of using the GatorGripper® is that it applies a "pressure numbness" when placed on the loose tooth so a child will have an experience that's virtually pain-free."

So what do you think? I think it is pretty cool and I want to share with my wonderful readers. I have 3 Gator Grippers to give away and all you have to do to win one is tell me you want it. Easiest contest ever right?

You can get an extra entry by following me, grabbing my button or blogging about this giveaway. (one for each)

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colton said...

what do they do

Katrina said...

I want one! Because I love anything with the word gator in it.