Sunday, June 28, 2009

~~Review- chicBuds Breast Cancer Awareness - White~~

So the wonderful people at chicBuds sent me a set of the Breast Cancer Awareness chicBuds. They are a beautiful bright white with genuine Swarovski Crystals and I must say they are absolutely beautiful. See what do you think??
The Breast Cancer Awareness option for chicBuds also comes in black.
As far as functionability-- I usually don't listen to any music when I walk because I am so out of shape that I sweat like crazy- I know TMI- and the ear pieces fall out and or get disgusting and I can't hear very well out of them. However, these fit just right. Even when I started sweating and expected them to fall out of my ears, they hung on and I could hear great. The sound that comes out of these little things is unbelieveable. Clear as a bell with no static what so ever.

They are a little pricier than the headphones you can grab at your local Walmart or electronics store, running $53, but very well worth every penny. I can't begin to count the pairs of headphones I have broken or pulled a wire out of when they fell off- OK and yes when I get irritated and toss them in the garbage- easily enough of them to pay for these twice over!

They are retractable so you don't have wires hanging down and getting in your way and they are compatible with iPod, portable CD player or your personal computer (for cell phones, see chicBabies).

This review is actually only for the Cancer Awareness chicBuds, but I feel like I would be doing a disservice if I don't sow you some of the other awesome styles.

And there are so many more. So go on over to the chicBuds site and check them out. I bet you will find some that you can't live without!!


Alicia said...

these are soooo cute!! and what a great cause!

candice said...

I really love these!